paint vertical stripes on a wall

How To Paint Stripes On Walls

How to paint stripes on walls like a pro!   If you want to paint stripes on walls, I can understand that, it’s beautiful. Providing you know how to do it right. Here is a […]

bunny napkin folding

Learn How To Fold A Bunny Napkin

For Easter or simply to amuse children at the table learn to fold a napkin in the shape of a cute bunny. How to fold a bunny napkin? When we are having a dinner party […]

table decoration for easter

Table Decoration For Easter

 Tips and ideas for your table decoration for Easter When you are planning your table decoration for Easter don’t forget that spring is finally here and that flowers can be an excellent ally. Of course […]


Barbara Hulanicki Wallpaper Collection

I really like Barbara Hulanicki, the success of Glam Fab! The Barbara Hulanicki wallpaper collection is difficult to describe in a few words. From 1965 to 1975 Barbara Hulanicki worked on the creation of a […]

retro toaster featured

Retro Toaster Design – Vintage and Memories

If you are looking for a toaster with a look that is both retro and good design then you have found undeniably the best one on the market, the Dualit Vario. It is available for […]

floating shelf

Unique Floating Shelves

Floating wall shelves are popular, most are easy to install, inexpensive to buy and……. Boring! Not so! For those who think that floating shelves have to be boring here are a few unique floating shelves […]

shop page

My Little Shop

Discover the products that will make you home decor come alive and reflect your personality, your sense of design and your lifestyle. From accessories for the table or the holidays to window treatments, from bathroom […]

table arts

Table Arts

Transform your table and seduce your guests with the ideas presented here. Because you like to have a table that fits your personality, you will find dishes, linens, accessories that will make your design unique. Choose […]

fireplaces decor

Fireplaces Modern And Traditional

When winter chills get us, it is an ideal time to sit, dream and warm up in front of the fireplace, be it a conventional or a ultra modern design. Discover the fireplaces that can […]

bookcases decor

Bookcases For Relief And Rhythm

Well designed and well made bookcases add relief on the walls and give rhythm to space. Unusual designs or modular units play with positive and negative space. Sober straight lines or softer curves bookcases provide […]



Every few years changes in home decor are required due to a change in lifestyle, babies are born, children grow, or trends have changed. On this site you will find many home decorating ideas to help […]

importance of color in home decor

Importance of Color In Home Decorating

Color defines all your decor. The choice of colors will influence the atmosphere of the room. In bedroom decor for example lighter colors should prevail for their calming effect.  A change of color can be effective in separating […]