6 Totally Cool Toasters

Cool toasters can make fun of morning doldrums

If you enjoy a nice slice of toast for breakfast, with a little butter and jam (who doesn’t) with a good cup of coffee, or if you have kids and you like to make funny faces with their eggs served with toast of course then your toaster has a prominent place in the kitchen as does mine. Recently I found these toasters (cool! said my grand-daughter) which I thought would make an enjoyable weekend morning even more fun.

1. Radical Six Part Toaster by Matt Gossington is an interesting concept. Each of its compartment can only hold one slice but they can they can be removed to keep your toast warm without burning it. While grilling the carrousel turns, I am not exactly sure why. I do know that homeowners who appreciate contemporary design will love making toast for 6 people on this gadget. By Yanko Design

scan toaster
Scan toaster designed by Sung Bae Chang

2. Scan toaster
Geeks are really going to like this one. It is a totally conventional toaster made by Electrolux Design Lab. Conventional in the sense that it toasts bread, but it is fitted with a USB port so you can plug it in your computer. Why you ask? (Remember I said this one is for the geeks.) So you can print documents on your toast! The toaster will print toast with any image, text or even photo that you have chosen. Now I don’t know if geeky is cool or not, but the toast looks great.

pop art toaster
Pop Art Toaster

3. Pop art toasters

Do you like to leave little messages on toast? It’s pretty cute and the kids love it. The pop art toaster comes with 4 different plates, will make hearts, cakes and smilie faces, but if you need more you can buy additional plates with motifs like bikes, princesses and more, you can even order plates bearing your own designs.
Pop art toaster are available in a plastic model, in black, white, blue or red even pink, or you can choose the luxury chrome toaster.
The best prices for the Pop Art Toasters
can be found at Amazon, but the toaster is available in many other stores.

transparent toaster
Transparent Toaster

4. Transparent toaster

No more burnt toast, now you can watch the color of your toast and certainly prevent it from burning. Based on a new technology that allows to heat glass plates this is another neat contraption. However, presently it is only a concept. Created by Osman Can Ozcanli of Kancept.com, it looks pretty while new, I wonder what moisture and bread crumbs will do to the sleek glass sides, somehow I doubt that it will be cool.

Egg Mc Muffin Toaster
Egg Mc Muffin Toaster

5. Egg-N-Muffin Toaster
This last toaster is really ingenious, it can toast your bread and cook your eggs simultaneously, poached or sunny side up. Everything is done in four minutes. It is available in model that can hold four slices or two.

trebuchet toaster
Watch out when your bread is ready

6. Trebuchet Toaster by Ivo Vos
When I first looked at that toaster I was kind of thinking that it was a Wii console or another electronic game, but no it really is a toaster. It is kind of a game though, it will launch your toast out. You get to select the trajectory and the landing place. Fun but not for boys who have to go to school.