9 Small Bathroom Ideas

Sometimes having a small bathroom is calling for an innovative way to set things up for maximum functionality and design appeal. Here are a few small bathroom ideas that might help you maximize the space you have in a pleasing way. Try one or more of these small space tips and you will quickly see that it take very little to make life easier.

Small bathroom ideas for decor and layout

1 choose light colors, that alone will accentuate the feeling of space for walls and accessories. If you have white walls or white bathroom tiles choose colorful but light colored accessories like bright greens or yellows. A high gloss finish will not only catch the light but will also be easier to clean. If you use natural stone flooring or on the counters choose very light colors.

2 Use large mirrors to increase the space. When a mirror is attached to the wall facing the door, the room will seem much larger to anyone entering it.

3 Choose smaller than standard bathroom fixtures, a small corner bathtub for example. If your family does not normally take baths opt for a fantastic shower instead of a tub. The space saved can be put to good use for storage. Even toilets come in smaller size without affecting their utility. Depending on the layout of your bathroom walls you can even find a corner toilet.

4 Great lighting is your best ally! A well lit space always seems larger. Halogen lights or daylight bulbs will do wonders for your small space bathroom.

5 The furniture you choose can have doors for a more discrete storage, or it can be open and use baskets to hold your necessities. Remember that you can recess the bathroom cabinets into the wall to save more space.

Small bathroom ideas for storage

6 Use the walls to store a multitude of things we normally have in the bathroom. Shelves or wall boxes, small wall cabinets are very practical. You can assign a cabinet or a shelf to each person using the bathroom. It will keep order and make morning routine go faster.

7 Tips for hampers: Today’s hampers are very innovative. Some hampers have a drawstring so you can simply take it to the laundry room with you. Others have an accordion system that allows them to grow or shrink as needed, or you can find on that will fit perfectly in a corner to save space.

8 Look up to your walls. Take advantage to the height of walls. There are many accessories that will allow you to use your walls to a maximum for storage space. Even ceramic walls can hold hooks for towels and bathrobes.
Small shelves over the bathtub can house many items, including a big stack of rolled towels as you see in the best hotels.

9 Don’t forget the door
There are many decorative towel holders (single, double or even triple) that can be attached to doors, including to glass sliding doors. Hooks on the back of the bathroom door are discrete and useful.

Let’s face it when you are dealing with a tiny bathroom, ideas that look at every bit of vertical space are going to be the best solution.

Finally bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms do not follow logic, and while many people believe that smaller tiles would be the right option, it is true that using a large format tiles amplifies space. Smaller tiles mean having many joints that tend to make the small space constricted. Fewer tiles will mean fewer joints and a lighter atmosphere.

Some Accessories ideas for small Bathrooms

Wall-mount Towel Warmer
Wall-mount Towel Warmer
Tubo Small Vanity Light
Tubo Small Vanity Light
Double Bathroom Shelf & Towel Rack Chrome
Double Bathroom Shelf & Towel Rack Chrome
Cabrina Robe Hook
Cabrina Robe Hook


  1. says

    These are all excellent and helpful tips for designing small bathrooms!

    I definitely agree about the importance of using the heights of your walls to your advantage. Add tall, skinny or otherwise non-bulky shelves to your walls and add your decor there. Choosing light colors on your walls and ceiling also really open up a small room. Also, try using recessed lighting because this will really create the illusion of a large bathroom. The more lights, the better. Add extra lights in corners of your bathroom that are now well lit. And use extra mirrors to your advantage!

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