Alessi Corkscrew Efficient And Decorative

The Alessi corkscrew, efficient and decorative.

Alessi, the modern design wizard will never stop to astonish us.

Here I bring your attention to a whole series of Alessi corkscrews with human attributes, that the renown company is offering. You will no longer have to be ashamed of the old slightly bent corkscrew. You know the one you use the last time you tried helplessly for 5 minutes to remove a cork, (not without pain), and for your effort you ended up with a few cork pieces in the bottle, to the horrifying look of you wine connoisseur friends.

All of that frustration can now be over!

Now, a devil, a ghost, a man, a woman, or Alessi-man (Superman’s cousin), are here to help. You can say good-bye to your old corkscrew and replace it with any Alessi corkscrew of you choice. With these little guys, the cork comes out, smoothly and easily, without any resistance. And what is even better, it comes out in its entirety, nothing left in the bottle, but sweet wine.
The Alessi corkscrew design is such that the tip enters into the cork in a straight vertical, and the cork is pulled mechanically, sliding gently on the bottle neck. Results you don’t have to strain, you simply turn the little guy a few turns and the cork pops out. It’s magic!

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Alessi Alessandro M. Corkscrew Red/White

Alessi Alessandro M Corkscrew – Siena

Alessi Alessandro Light Blue

Alessi Alessandro M. – Merry Sandro, Corkscrew

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“Merry Sandro”, is the latest addition to the collection of Corkscrews designed by Alessandro Mendini. Since 2006, Alessi has supported “The Dream Factory” a project of the international AIBI – Amici dei Bambini, in order to help the association making dreams come true for children who are raised in orphanages in many countries around the world. Merry Sandro was the chosen product for the cause in 2010.

Alessi corkscrews Allessandro M, like the Anna G below are made of chrome plated zamac, and hand painted. Anna G was created in 1994, and has since achieved iconic status. Unlike the Allessendro M, Anna G has arms. A smiling Anna G can help you open your bottles in no time and without effort, and she can add color to your table.

Alessi Anna G corkscrew

Clicking on the image above will show you all the Alessi Anna G corkscrews colors available, if you want to see a:

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Why are some Alessi products of the same type more expensive than others?

Since 2006 Alessi has 3 lines of products

  • A di Alessi : the most accessible products,
  • Alessi : the main collection
  • Officina Alessi : products in this category are experimental and in limited editions.

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