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Alessi Products have been around a long time. The business was created by Giovanni Alessi in 1921, and at the time he would go to the popular expositions to offer his work in copper, nickel and other materials.

The Alessi products of the 20’s were already innovative, but it is not until 1929 that Alessi specialized in table arts. In 1935 Carlo Alessi son of Giovanni took over the reins of the company. This is when there was a separation with the previous emphasis and Alessi products embark on artisanal industrial production.

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The famous coffee and tea set is created in 1945 by Carlo Alessi. That is also the year that the younger brother Ettore joins the company.

Today Alberto Alessi runs the company and works with renown artists, designers and architects from around the world, to produce a product line that is original, modern and sometimes a little vintage.

In 2006 Alessi started a new way to promote its products, a 3 tier marketing:

  • A di Alessi – this is a range of Alessi products that are affordable for the average consumer, and are widely available.
  • Alessi – the primary collection
  • Officina Alessi – experimental, prototypes and limited edition products.

Today’s collection of Alessi products is very extensive and everyone can find something to enhance the table, the kitchen, the bar or the bathroom. If you are an avid collector you will enjoy the exclusive products, and if you simply enjoy beautiful design you will not be disappointed. Furthermore the products are all of excellent quality and make excellent gifts.

Twelve of the Alessi products are exposed in the Museum of Modern Art.

Here are a few of my favorite Alessi realizations, however if you want more information about individual products you will be able to find articles one this site that look at them in more details.

Alessi RT01 Chip Paper Clip Holder/Paperweight Alessi La Rosa Fruit Bowl Alessi Salt & Pepper Shaker A di Alessi Diabolix Bottle -Opener Alessandro Corkscrew Alessi Juicer Alessi Girotondo Fruit Bowl Alessi Blow Up Clock Alessi

Alessi Products

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