Unique Floating Shelves

floating shelf

Floating wall shelves are popular, most are easy to install, inexpensive to buy and……. Boring! Not so! For those who think that floating shelves have to be boring here are a few unique floating shelves that will put some spunk into your home decor and some that will amaze your friends. Obviously if you want […]

Choosing Window Curtains


Window curtains have the great advantages to protect privacy, create an elegant atmosphere, and bring comfort to our lives. As soon as you hang window curtains in an empty room, the room is transformed into a warmer more welcoming place. Besides all this they can be used to create all sorts of effects, depending on […]

Patio Furniture Today

wrought iron patio furniture

______________________________________________ As soon as the sun shines again and the air warms up, we want to take advantage of the beautiful days of spring outside, in the backyard, closer to nature. To create a friendly atmosphere, to make the backyard a place where we feel good we like to fix it like we do any […]

Small Vanities For Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom is always a challenge to keep organized, to find the space to move around and to make it feel more spacious than it really is. People who live in small apartments are only too familiar with the problems of small bathroom decorating. The solution I propose here is not suitable for people […]

Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Color scheme

Choosing ideal paint colors for bedrooms must reflect the decorative style of the people who sleep in them as well as their dynamic personality. Paint colors range from very soft shades to dynamic red and orange with everything in between. When it comes to your bedroom, the choice you make can define you. Here are […]

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

guest bedroom furniture

If you are in the process of decorating a guest bedroom, or if you are simply looking for spare bedroom decorating ideas, here are a few decorating tips that will ensure you can provide what your guests need without breaking your decorating budget. Guest bedroom decorating ideas can be a little different from the ideas […]