Bathroom Color Schemes – White And Blue Nautical Theme

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Blue a reminder of sky and sea is conducive to dreams, and it is perfect for a bathroom. It is as suitable for a marine theme as it is for a fresh contemporary look.

Quick tip: blue, especially a pale blue will give an impression of depth, it makes the walls you are looking at seem farther away. Thus it accentuates space and the volume of the object that are in front of it.

The sea motif is a great classic of bathroom decor, however it is possible to realize many variations on this marine style. Of course blue will be the color of choice, but let’s see how you can have a marine bathroom without doing too much.

First define what you want for your decor!

Blue it’s true but what shade, what tone, and with what other colors? You have to choose the style of the bathroom were you want to add a nautical theme. If for you a nautical theme means “the navy”, you must opt for a marine blue and white and enhance with a few touches of red accessories. If nautical means “the sea”, use shades of blue with different tones, including trending towards some green, since there is no exactly known color for water. Finally if nautical mean “the sea shore” to you can use wall paint in sandy colors with a white floor and blue details.

Secondly define your materials!

Creating a nautical theme is also using materials that are reminiscent of the sea. Yourbathroom flooring options might include white floor tiles, or very light beige if you are thinking sea shore. To create the look of the interior of ships a teak wood floor. Teak does stand well to the humidity of a bathroom but is rather expensive. For a small budget you might make only the area in front of the bathtub, and the sink in teak, and use other woods or other flooring materials on the rest of the floor.

On the walls the easiest is to use a matt finish paint in the hue of your choice. Another possibility, is to install blue ceramic tiles (or to paint the tiles that are already there) over the sink and the bathtub. The contrast between blue and white is perfect. Another solution is to install a tile frieze to add color to the walls. Wallpaper is not well suited to the humidity of the bathroom, unless you use a very thick, extremely good quality vinyl wallpaper.

Lamps made of metal, or rattan would go well in this theme. On the ceiling install a metal light fixture, you could use copper, chrome or brass, as these materials are often use on ships. The shiny materials will add more light and a special touch to the room. If the cost is a consideration then use rattan with sea shell decoration, anchors, fish or star fish.

Third step choose your bathroom furniture

This should be done with much care. For a nautical theme that can blend nature and sea opt for wood furniture. You have several options for the finish, either you keep the natural look of wood, either you use paint. If you paint the furniture you can go with an off white, or any other light color that might remind you of drift wood. Of course just as for the floor you have to select a wood that will resist humidity, teak, mahogany or oak are all suitable. For another effect and a very authentic look you might look at rattan or wicker. For example use baskets on a shelf to keep all your products out of view.

Finally you can consider accessories!

You cannot have a nautical theme without nautical accessories. But you certainly can let your imagination run wild and make your bathroom unique by adding the mementos you brought back from vacations. A jar of sand, some pretty pebbles or a piece of drift wood are all appropriate. You can decorate the walls with decals and wall tattoos for a fast solution, or you can stencil some motifs on the tiles (ships, light-houses, shells or waves). You can also attach some starfish to the walls or place a basket full of shells in a corner. If you want to invest in a more elaborate decor then you could buy a fishnet to decorate one corner, and a mirror in the shape of a porthole. But be careful not to overdo it or you might go from charming to kitsch.

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