Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Contemporary – Rustic

You would love to have a bathroom that energizes you when you get up in the morning, and relaxes you after a hard day’s work. Before you start a bathroom remodeling project you need to think very carefully about your needs and your tastes. There so many appealing styles for a bathroom: contemporary, rustic, traditional, eclectic… Here are some bathroom decorating ideas to help you concretize your ideas.

Bathroom Contemporary Style
Bathroom Rustic Style
Bathroom Traditional Style
Bathroom Victorian Style
Bathroom Southwestern Style
Bathroom Eclectic Style

Contemporary bathroom decorating ideas

A contemporary bathroom is the epitome of sophistication and design. Because trends in decor change frequently it is important to keep the bathroom decor simple to allow for changes. Light colors, like white, eggshell, grey or intensive colors like charcoal grey, espresso can be the base for the background that you can then complement with accessories in bright or contrasting colors.

Everything you do in a contemporary bathroom should be concerned with clearing space. That is why you must optimize storage space to have a very functional bathroom, yet you have to keep furniture to a minimum. You want to give the feeling of a room that “breathes”. To that effect you can use materials that accentuate light, like glass, chrome or other metals, high gloss or glass tiles, glass blocks, stone, light colored woods… For example you might build a glass block partition to enclose the shower, it will be spectacular and will let light come through.

If as part of your bathroom remodeling project you are planning to replace the bathtub, look at free standing bathtubs with simple elegant lines. These are absolutely modern and if you have a fairly large room you can install it in the center leaving ample space to move around. When it comes to bathroom sinks, simply opting for a round or square vessel sink will update the look of a bathroom. Vessel sinks with simple but trendy lines are now available in ceramic, metal, glass… and prices have greatly dropped. Don’t skimp on faucets, they make a huge difference. They can be found in many materials and finishes and new models have designs that are as advantageous to the look as they are to function. Choose unadorned chrome of brushed nickel with contemporary lines.

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Rustic bathroom decorating ideas

The rustic style in the bathroom as in any other room is warm and welcoming, it calls back to mind the charms of country living and the beautiful houses our great-grandparents used to live in. Visible beams, wood panelling, materials that shows the mark of time and are a little rough.

An authentic claw foot bathtub with vintage faucets would be the queen of the ball in such a bathroom. You could find an old buffet or vintage table in a flea market or auction house to convert it to vanity for your vessel sink (remember that while vessel sinks are trendy today they used to be the only thing people had way back then). For storage you could use free standing oak cabinets with ceramic or porcelain door knobs that you could match to the faucet handles.

Colors in a rustic bathroom are earthy with deep reds complements, but pastels are also appropriate. You can use linens with flower motifs and lace curtains. Natural fabric like cotton or linen will fit better in such a decor than synthetics. Even fabric shower curtains are found in natural fabric, however the designs may not be as varied as they would in a synthetic material.

Accessories can be plentiful, specially if they are distinctive. Oil lamps, flower vases, baskets, glass apothecary jars, beveled mirrors… everything that seems to come from a time long gone will add style to your room.

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