Bathroom Mirrors Are Not Optional…

Bathroom mirrors are not optional, whether you use one to make the room look larger or not, you absolutely need one for your daily grooming. There are countless models, depending on how you intend on using your mirror.

One of the least expensive solution is to use self adhesive mirrors. They offer the advantage of being very easy to install, but they are not available in very large sizes so you will have to be creative and compose an arrangement of tiles. They can be installed anywhere, over the bathroom vanity, or behind a door… This type of mirror is not always made of glass, it is often a reflective surface that cannot break, and in that case the image is not as sharp as you would get with glass. Unbreakable mirrors are easy to cut, thus you can really fit one anywhere, even in uneven areas.

Magnifying bathroom mirrors

Magnifying bathroom mirrors have a big role to play in our lives, we use them for precision shaving, plucking or make up.

Some models have a multi-view angle and are lighted for better usability and comfort. If you select such a mirror you should think about your power supply. Whether it will need an electric outlet or batteries which you will need to keep on hand.

Most magnifying mirrors are small and free standing, but you can also find some that can be attached to the wall with a movable arm so you can bring it closer or push it out of the way.

Bathroom mirrored cabinet

A very popular option is to have a mirrored medicine cabinet. You can benefit from a place to keep medicines and other bathroom necessities within easy reach when you need them. A great way to keep razors, toothbrushes and other not so sightly items out of the way.

These cabinets can complement the total look of your bathroom furniture, and are a great way to optimize space, specially in small bathrooms. This type of mirror come with integrated lights or without. It is vital to have good lighting around a bathroom mirror so might consider one that is lighted. The higher cost will be absorbed in the savings on additional lighting.

There are other types of bathroom mirrors, notably:

Full length mirrors can be used in the bathroom
Fog free mirrors that can also be installed in the shower
Heated mirrors that can be used as an additional space heater to warm the room, the amount of heat you can get from such mirrors is dependent on their power.

Here are a few of my favorite mirrors at great prices.

Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee
Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee by ToiletTree Products. Guaranteed Not to Fog, Designed Not to Fall.
Lighted Fluorescent Wall Mount Double Sided 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror in Gold
Lighted Fluorescent Wall Mount Double Sided10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror in Gold
 Wall Mirror Light with Shade
Wall Mirror Light with ShadeShade Finish: Chrome

Prices for bathroom mirrors depends on the size, quality and type. If you choose a framed mirror the frame would also play an important part in the price.

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