Bathroom Remodeling – Five Rules To Know

You are thinking about a bathroom remodeling and are still pondering what is possible and what you might want to avoid. There are five rules that you should know before you start your bathroom remodeling project.

Bathrooms have evolved and so have the elements that make up a typical bathroom. The bathrooms of the past with footed bathtubs are mostly gone unless you like retro style, the sinks have taken a whole new artistic look… Today’s bathrooms are considered a vital room for our well being, a place of relaxation and renewal. To bring about this atmosphere it must be equipped properly.

1. Bathtubs

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Once bathtubs had one standard size, today we have many option when the standard size does not fit our bathroom remodeling. A standard bathtub is 5 feet long, if you simply want one that is a little shorter you could order one for mobile homes which is 4’ 6”. If on the other hand you want to reclaim some floor space you might consider a square bathtub, or round bathtub or a corner bathtub. Round bathtubs are available in several sizes with or without water jets. Styles are varied and so are materials, you can even find a half circle bathtub. Prices are rather high ranging from around $1000 to several thousands.

Corner bathtubs are also available in a large selection of colors, sizes and designs. Some will have a rounded front while others will end up with 5 sides. If you are planning to buy a corner tub it is very important that you measure your available space carefully in all directions.

2. Showers – Sinks and Toilets

Many people today have a shower separate from the bathtub, others are getting rid of the tub altogether in favor of a the new highly technical showers that have come on the market. If you want the look to be more open you could opt for an Italian shower which does not have any shower tray. These are very trendy across Europe and are getting more common in the US as well.

There such beautiful vessel sinks today that many are works of art. The variety in shapes, colors materials and sizes is so wide that it is impossible not to find the one that will work for you. Vessel sinks can be wall mounted or placed on a vanity, or even on console. The style of the bathroom will determine how you install your sink. The space you need for the sink will depend on the size of the sink and whether you use a single or double, when using a double sink you should plan on having 30 inches between the two sinks. You should have about 30 inches of clear space in front of the sink for moving about comfortably.

The minimum space that you should set aside for the toilet is 15 inches from the center of the toilet to any obstruction on either side. Being able to allow 36 inches instead of the minimum 30 inches is highly recommended. If you have a small bathroom you can opt for a toilet for small spaces which will require less floor space, but remember that these may not be very comfortable for large people.

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Good lighting in the bathroom comes from three sources: in front of the mirror, a central ceiling light and mood lighting. When standing in front of the mirror you need a strong light to illuminate your face, but it cannot blind you of be too aggressive. Halogen lights are really good to replicate natural light. Place the light not too high to avoid shadows, not too low or you will look like you have a long nose. The ideal placement is around the mirror as shown in the Hollywood make up scenes. A general source of light is needed to do every day cleaning. A ceiling light will do the job just fine. You could also used recessed lights, if your ceiling can accommodate them they are more discrete. Mood lighting is important in a room that we use to relax. To help in your winding down color LEDs can be used, or you might enjoy scented candles.

4. Space Between Elements

A bathroom does not have to be big to be comfortable, but to ease your movements it is important to respect certain spaces. In front of the bathtub you need about 3 feet to move about, bend without bumping against something. However if you can get more space then you will feel even better, specially if you must share the bathroom with a spouse. 2 feet in front of a toilet are sufficient.

5. Safety Rules

Finally you must be aware of safety rules before starting any remodeling of the bathroom. Nothing is more important when bathroom remodeling than to be aware of safety. Water and electricity are not compatible yet we need both in a bathroom, it is then imperative to respect safety rules to the letter to avoid accidents. These rules depends on where you live and are subject to governmental regulations. If you need to, you should consult a professional on this matter.

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