Bathroom Renovation Ideas

In today’s stressful society, we find our renewal and replenishment in the comfort and warmth of the bathroom. This room is becoming the new temple of well being. Bathroom renovation is a popular home improvement and doing well requires that you use imagination and make bold choices. In this article I will explore some bathroom renovation ideas that are bold, daring, exciting and contemporary. Imagine a bathroom that reflects your personality, I hope you will find here the bathroom renovation idea of your dreams, and a way to implement it.

Nothing is like the haven that we find when we come back after a hard day’s work to a great bath in a pleasing and satisfying bathroom. This room has seen a real metamorphosis in the last few years. From the room where we retired in all discretion, it has evolved into the cocooning room of today.

A well planned bathroom can help you face the daily stress as it has become a refuge by excellence. No more white bathroom tiles, or the clinical cold look of yesteryear, there are too many fantastic bathroom flooring options. Let turn our ambitions towards an environment that is conducive to relaxation and to paraprofessional equipment, like jet shower heads, jacuzzi baths, balneotherapy, chromatherapy, musicotherapy… The new showers are taking the place of baths, they help us to confront the constant lack of time and space. But to compensate, the bath columns with hydromassage jets provide amazing feeling of well being.

Faucets are an element of decor at the same title as towel holders, soap dispensers and other accessories. Sinks or the trendy vessel sinks are now providing a dramatic element, and can be the central focus of the decor. Island bathtubs are fashionable again. They can be finished in many materials, the colors are limitless, and claw foot retro styles are as popular as super modern and contemporary lines. The same holds true for Italian showers that seem to be the cat’s meow of the time. Harmony is everywhere and nothing that can break it is allowed.

Here is some advice for a successful bathroom renovation

Check out the plumbing installation and the water pressure for the new fixtures you plan on installing. This is particularly important if you are planning on a hydromassage shower column.

Check that all electric connections are conforming to code.

Pay particular attention to the ventilation of the room, this is even more important if you want to install hardwood floor. If there is no window, you can add some form of ventilation to the outside or install a very good fan.

Check the waterproof quality of the floor. If you want to change your bathroom flooring choose a non-slip flooring option, and when installing it allow a ¼ of an inch under the door for air space.

Here are a few bathroom renovation ideas that might simplify the task.

When you choose your bathroom colors, don’t automatically reject white, and remember that it is not a color that can keep you away from extravagance and extreme luxury. In fact it can make your bathroom decor stand out even more. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about a clinical white like what was so over-used only a few years ago.

When it comes to following trends, two fashionable bathroom designs are currently leading: Zen decor, and exotic decor. A minimalist effect, with peaceful soft lighting, soft rounded forms are what you want for a Zen decor. As for exotic decor, the play with textures and materials is important. You might want to create a Moroccan or Asiatic spa.

If you are opting for bathroom tiles, the trend is to mix the effects. Larger tiles (as much as 3’ for example) are much used, but so are very little tiles in the genre mosaic. If you use different tile sizes for different areas the effect will be even more dramatic. The standard size tiles of the years past are now falling out of favor.

New materials are preferred but they must fall in line with consumer demands. First they must be durable, and second they must be easy to clean. The old traditional porcelain sink is losing ground. Resins, wood, glass and even concrete are now the chosen ones. Corian long used in kitchens is making its way in bathrooms. The number of colors available for Corian is very extensive. Corian can be used for bathtubs, vessel sinks, wall panels and more, it is warm to the touch, soft and resistant to abuse.

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