An Art Nouveau Mirror For A Vintage Touch

art nouveau mirror

______________________________________________ No decorative object is more mysterious or more irresistible than a mirror. It has been used in fairy tales, by magicians, and even famous painters have taken advantage of it power, as in the “Money Lander and his Wife” by Quentin Metsys (1514). In 1900 every home catalogue had large selections of mirrors for […]

Feng Shui Mirror Placement

feng shui mirror placement

Mirrors in Feng Shui come in two forms. First there is the Bagua mirror, a concave or convex mirror surrounded by 8 trigrams representing the heavens; these mirrors are never used in the house as their powerful effects would create more turmoil than benefits. Then there are the ordinary mirrors that you are familiar with, […]

Bathroom Mirrors Are Not Optional…

Wall Mirror Light with Shade Shade Finish_ Chrome

Bathroom mirrors are not optional, whether you use one to make the room look larger or not, you absolutely need one for your daily grooming. There are countless models, depending on how you intend on using your mirror. One of the least expensive solution is to use self adhesive mirrors. They offer the advantage of […]

Large Frameless Wall Mirrors


Large frameless wall mirrors are often used in home decor. They add a very modern touch to almost any decorating style. Using mirrors a few years ago almost always meant using a wall mirror, today we have a lot of options. Large and small mirrors, round and rectangular mirrors and many other shapes in between, including animal […]

A Bathroom Vanity Mirror Can Transform Your Bathroom Decor

hia vm

Choosing your bathroom vanity with a new vanity mirror, and improving your bathroom lighting are important steps in the remodeling of any bathroom. This article will look at a few options that are available to you and offer some tips to help you in this endeavor. There are many affordable and simple ways to improve […]