Vitamix Review and Tips

No risk trial on Vitamix

The Vitamix® is truly a green machine. Now that we are experiencing a very hot summer my Vitamix® is working overtime making smoothies and other frozen goodies. I have had mine for about three years, but I must admit that I wanted one for a very loooooooooong time. I am here to tell you I […]

Alessi Toaster by Stefano Giovannoni

Alessi toaster

The Alessi Toaster comes to us after a wireless vacuum cleaner, and an electronic kitchen scale from Stefano Giovannoni. It is another fabulous appliance sold under the Alessi name, a superb cool toaster with bun warmer and multi-functions. When you first see this Alessi toaster you can right away recognize the minimalist approach of this talented […]

Selecting & Installing a Central Vacuum System

central vacuum cleaner plugin

Mistakes people make when selecting and installing a central vacuum system There is no doubt about the fact that a central vacuum system is a very good vacuum cleaning system for your residence.  However if you don’t purchase wisely and install properly, you could be frustrated that what is an excellent system may not operate […]

Change The Look Of Your Kitchen With Appliance Paint

appliance paints

In the last few years paint has really changed and things we could not do before like painting appliances can now be done fairly easily when you want to change the look of the kitchen but do not want to replace costly appliances. Painting appliances is easy, but you have to use a specialty paint […]

Fire Design Fire Extinguisher

Design fire extinguisher - Home Design Security

A fire extinguisher can be pretty useful but normally it is red and ugly. That was before, now there is a better way it’s called Fire design. Finished the ugly red extinguisher in you pretty blue or black and white kitchen, welcome colors of your choice, chrome, designs, anything your heart desires. The fire extinguisher […]

Gota The Eco Friendly Dishwasher


We have all heard it, “if you are going to run the dishwasher wait until it is full “. In an ecology conscious world the dishwasher is not considered a green appliance. Then comes Gota to solve the problem! It looks like it is straight from a science fiction movie, but possibly the best way […]

6 Totally Cool Toasters

scan toaster

Cool toasters can make fun of morning doldrums If you enjoy a nice slice of toast for breakfast, with a little butter and jam (who doesn’t) with a good cup of coffee, or if you have kids and you like to make funny faces with their eggs served with toast of course then your toaster […]

Cleaning Your Home – Central Vacuums Win Hands Down.

So you are facing into a dirty house and you are allowed one item of your choice in order to clean it.  What will you choose?  The mop and bucket, the duster, the sweeping brush, the scouring pad, the cobweb brush?  Beyond any doubt and without even having to think about my answer, I would […]