Retro Shower Curtain

Retro Squares Clear & Blue shower curtain-1

Most retro shower curtains frequently feature geometric patterns and designs.  If you like bold designs, it is only a question of  finding the retro shower curtain that will look great in your bathroom.  Because the shower curtains themselves have bold designs, it is easy to coordinate the rest of the bathroom with it.  You can […]

Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas

bathroom tile ideas

It is undeniable that the majority of people still opt for bathroom tiles when redoing the bathroom or when building a new bathroom. However tiles have evolved and just as bathrooms have become a place to decorate at the same title as any other room in the house, bathroom tiles are now one of the […]

White Bathroom Floor Tiles Decor Tips

Retro bathroom with withe floor tiles - retro shower curtain

In spite of the many colors that are available to us today, white remains the most popular color choice for bathrooms. Probably because white is an elegant and a simple color. White bathroom floor tiles will show every dirt that might try to hide in your bathroom, making it easier to keep the bathroom very […]

Choosing A Fabric Shower Curtain

with valance

Regardless of the bathroom you have, whether it is simple or very elaborate with many decorative elements, you can add style to it by adding a fabric shower curtain. The difference fabric versus vinyl makes cannot be emphasized enough when talking about decor. Certainly the main advantage of fabric is that it can be tossed […]

A Bathroom Vanity Mirror Can Transform Your Bathroom Decor

hia vm

Choosing your bathroom vanity with a new vanity mirror, and improving your bathroom lighting are important steps in the remodeling of any bathroom. This article will look at a few options that are available to you and offer some tips to help you in this endeavor. There are many affordable and simple ways to improve […]

Bathroom Decor On A Budget

iha 06

Bathroom decor is no longer something we can ignore. Today’s bathrooms have become a very important room in our lives. Not only is the bathroom the first room we go to in the morning, and the last we visit before retiring for the night, but we can spend a considerable amount time relaxing and taking […]

Medicine Cabinets Safety And Style In The Bathroom

Vision Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are not something we spend much time to think about, until you move in a house that does not have one, as I did a few years ago. Well let’s face it, we all have a need to store those personal products we would rather people not poke their nose into, and we […]