White Wicker Bedroom Furniture – How To Build A Theme Around It

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Pine Solutions, the largest online furniture retailer in the uk reports that of white bedroom furniture sales have increased by more than 100% over the past 12 weeks – suggesting a strong comeback for a look that is clean and light. Now we know that white wicker furniture sales account for 30% of all wicker furniture […]

Rattan Furniture In Interior Decorating

rattan chairs

When one thinks about rattan furniture, it is easy to imagine a scene in a sea side home, looking over a blue lagoon! It’s fairly common place as rattan is a tropical vine, flexible and strong that can be used in the manufacture of exotic furniture, with designs that seem always fresh. We can easily […]

White Bedroom Furniture


Some designers and manufacturers have concentrated their effort towards producing white bedroom furniture. They are creating well designed and attractive accessories to create an elegant and chic atmosphere for your bedroom. All you need to do to achieve the look you want is to choose the principal elements of your bedroom and accessorize them with […]