Bookcases For Storage Solutions And To Create Rhythm

Well designed and well made bookcases add relief on the walls and give rhythm to space. Unusual designs or modular units play with positive and negative space. Sober straight lines or softer curves bookcases provide storing solutions with great style to living rooms.

Inexpensive Cube Bookcase Review

Martha Stewart Living™ 6 - cube Organizer, 6-CUBE

Today’s bookcases are as much for displaying trinkets, or storing kids toys as they are for books, especially when we buy some inexpensive bookcase for a playroom or a child’s bedroom. There are several units arranged around a cube system, they are appealing and trendy, but a bookcase must offer more than just a trend […]

Eco-Friendly White Bookcases By Waybasics

waybasics 6

If you are looking for a white bookcase that is simple, basic, practical, and sturdy, and eco-friendly to boot, I recommend you take a look at these bookcases made by Waybasics. They are made with recycled papers (cardboard) and the material they came up with is called Z-board. With it they created a totally modular […]

Barrister Bookcase Plans

Woodworking paper plan to build the Barrister_s Bookcase, build your own!_ Home…

If you have been looking for an authentic barrister book case but have not found one you really like, you might consider making your own (if you like woodworking). Barrister bookcase plans are available to give you step by step instructions to help you get your project to completion. You will not end up with […]

Antique Barrister Bookcases

globe wenicke stamp on antique barrister bookcase

While there are still a few genuine antique barrister bookcases showing up at auctions, they are oftentimes in poor condition. If you like antiques and if you find an antique barrister bookcase in good condition my advice would be to get it as it is an increasingly rare find. The scarcity of barrister bookcases from […]

Stackable Barrister Bookcases


You can buy stackable barrister bookcases today, but they are not as they used to be in the past. When barrister bookcases came into being, in the 19th century, they were made to accommodate lawyers who frequently moved from one office to another. They needed good, strong bookcases to protect their expensive law books, but […]

Sauder Barrister Bookcase

internethomealliance Sauder Barrister Bookcase

Among the many quality furniture makers two companies have built a reputation and a name on the way they sell furniture. Ikea and Sauder are two companies who sell furniture ready to assemble  (RTA in a box). We have all had our difficulties with assembling furniture at one time or another but these companies have created […]