Color Defines Home Decor

Color defines home decor. Red, blue, green, what color should we choose. It can be a real headache to come up with just the right tone. The Following articles will provide ideas, advice, photos to help you define the look you are searching for.

Blue Paint Colors For Bedrooms

blue paint colors for bedrooms

A bedroom must be conducive to rest, and the many different shades of blue are considered calming colors for bedrooms. A little history about blue The color blue has been used ever since the antiquity as it was associated to the sky and the Gods. In the middle ages it was still a very difficult […]

Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Color scheme

Choosing ideal paint colors for bedrooms must reflect the decorative style of the people who sleep in them as well as their dynamic personality. Paint colors range from very soft shades to dynamic red and orange with everything in between. When it comes to your bedroom, the choice you make can define you. Here are […]

Color Schemes In Home Decor

Color scheme

In order to have a perfect union of colors, or just the right play of colors in home decor, it is important to respect some harmony techniques. When we talk about color in decoration, there are two methods of harmonizing colors, tone on tone color schemes and harmony of color schemes. Tone on tone color […]

White Bathroom Floor Tiles Decor Tips

Retro bathroom with withe floor tiles - retro shower curtain

In spite of the many colors that are available to us today, white remains the most popular color choice for bathrooms. Probably because white is an elegant and a simple color. White bathroom floor tiles will show every dirt that might try to hide in your bathroom, making it easier to keep the bathroom very […]

Home Decor Color Trends For 2010

amparo blue

As we turn the corner of the year and embark into 2010, let’s look at the colors that will lead this year. Since 1963 designers for fashion and home, print and advertising, have been using the pantone color selector in their work, and have turned to Pantone for news and trends about color. Every year […]

Gray A Sophisticated Color

dining gray and white

Gray is a classic color, elegant and well suited for traditional settings. It is great to accentuate natural wood tones, greens, browns and taupe, and it give a sophisticated look when used with yellow. Contrarily to popular belief gray is not a morose color. Warm grays, are always perfect for classic decor as they integrate […]