Fireplaces Modern And Traditional

When winter chills get us, it is an ideal time to sit, dream and warm up in front of the fireplace, be it a conventional or a ultra modern design. Discover the fireplaces that can change your life, inspire you or bring romance into your life.

Ethanol Fireplaces Facts

ethanol fireplace facts

Before winter sets upon us we are considering repairing or cleaning the chimneys, or at least looking at all that needs to be done to have a safe fireplace. A lot of people who don’t have a fireplace are considering whether they should add one, whether the cost of construction might be worth it considering the […]

Ventless Ethanol Fireplace, Wall Mounted

Ventless Ethanol Fireplace, Wall Mounted

This ventless ethanol fireplace is called “Impulse”, and it can be installed anywhere. It does not requires any flues or outside venting as it does not produce smoke, smell or CO2. It burns ethanol, a clean natural and renewable resource. The fireplace is not only very decorative it is cutting edge technology by Planika.  It can […]

Zack Burner Ethanol Fireplace Insert Review

Zack BB-BL24870 2.5 Liter Bloc Burner Ethanol Fireplace

The Zack Burner Ethanol Fireplace insert was designed with the millions of people, who  are tired to lug wood and clean up, in mind. You can simply insert it in an existing chimney and start using it. It can burn for about  6 to 8 hours depending on the height of the flame you select. It does […]

A Vent Free Gas Fireplace

central vent free gas fireplace

A vent free gas fireplace is only one of the many types of gas fireplaces. Traditional fireplaces require an exhaust for safety because when gas burns, carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas, is produced. This gas is dangerous even lethal and must be evacuated. Then there is a newer version of gas fireplaces that are […]

Ventless Gas Fireplace Alternative – New & Improved

gas fireplace inser with a more traditional look

Only a few years ago a ventless gas fireplace was very different from any you can find today. Back then, the logs looked faked and nobody would ever have mistaken one of these fires for a “real fireplace”. This kept a lot of people from using gas as a source of fuel. Today things have […]

FAQs About Ventless Ethanol Fireplaces

Many people have been wondering about ventless fireplaces, they are interested in finding out how they work, if they are safe, if they deliver on the promise of benefits that is implied in all the ads. This article will try to answer all these questions. What is the makeup of ethanol? The most commonly asked […]

Right For Today – Ventless Fireplace

design purity of lines fireplace

A ventless fireplace can deliver the modern version of the fires that our grand-parents enjoyed, without the mess they had to contend with. You can see them in all the magazines, or you may have seen some on other web pages or on TV, they are in! Yes I am talking about ventless fireplaces. They […]