Learn How To Fold A Bunny Napkin

bunny napkin folding

For Easter or simply to amuse children at the table learn to fold a napkin in the shape of a cute bunny. How to fold a bunny napkin? When we are having a dinner party we all want our table to look its best, with amazing presentations and surprising ideas. Nothing is easier than to […]

Table Decoration For Easter

table decoration for easter

 Tips and ideas for your table decoration for Easter When you are planning your table decoration for Easter don’t forget that spring is finally here and that flowers can be an excellent ally. Of course eggs, rabbits and chicks are always a part of the season, but consider adding a touch of spring freshness to […]

Easy Centerpiece Ideas

random flowers

It does not take much to transform an ordinary table into a great looking one with a few clever centerpiece ideas. In this article I will explore a few centerpiece ideas that can be accomplished easily and inexpensively. Fresh or dried flowers, with or without stems are a standard fare for many centerpieces and for […]

Halloween 2010 Home Decorating Ideas

drilled pumpkins

Halloween is not so far away anymore and it is not too soon to start planning your Halloween home decor for this fun night. Whether you have children around and you decorate to amuse them or you plan a special evening with a few friends it is a time for inexpensive quick decor as it […]

Happy New Year 2010

A hug salt and paper shaker

Well this has been an interesting end of the year, Internet Home alliance has made some headway but still has a long way to go before it is what I want it to be. A blog where you can get informative ideas, advice to help you manage your home in a more efficient way and […]

Christmas Decorating The Home Alliance Way

Christmas Cowboy

The holidays are fast approaching and we are already looking on how we are going to decorate the house, for parties, family and just for fun. Now, if like me, you like sleek modern design for your environment then the traditional creche scene probably leaves you cold (thinking design only). You are sure to change […]