Table Arts That Seduce The Most Picky Guests

Transform your table and seduce your guests with the ideas presented here. Because you like to have a table that fits your personality, you will find dishes, linens, accessories that will make your design unique. Choose a very modern look or a classic elegance...

Table Decoration For Easter

table decoration for easter

 Tips and ideas for your table decoration for Easter When you are planning your table decoration for Easter don’t forget that spring is finally here and that flowers can be an excellent ally. Of course eggs, rabbits and chicks are always a part of the season, but consider adding a touch of spring freshness to […]

Household Linens For Fun And Comfort

household linens

Household linens can provide comfort and happiness around the house. The sweet life, elegance, comfort… are all words that reflect the meaning of what we aim for when using beautiful, good quality household linens Bedroom linens, bath linens, table linens… whatever the style of your home decor, household linens can become an indispensable element that […]

Easy Centerpiece Ideas

random flowers

It does not take much to transform an ordinary table into a great looking one with a few clever centerpiece ideas. In this article I will explore a few centerpiece ideas that can be accomplished easily and inexpensively. Fresh or dried flowers, with or without stems are a standard fare for many centerpieces and for […]

Table Runners Linens

table runner linens

Table runners linens just like all other table linens, tablecloths and place mats are varied, colorful, and wonderful. The sheer variety of table runners is what makes them so much fun to shop for and to buy. It is not really a question of budget because you can find cheap table runners just as easily […]

Dining Table Runners

red dining table runner

Some people use table runners on their dining table, day in day out as a decorative piece, when the table is not in use for dining. Then when they have a dinner party they remove the runner in favor of a tablecloth. I like to use dining table runners when having meals in the dining […]

Tapestry Table Runners

Frank Lloyd Wright Coonley Tapestry Fine Dining Table Runner

Tapestries are woven images using a variety of textiles to depict a scene or motif, they are more frequently hung on a wall, but they can also be used for other decor purposes. Thus you can have a tapestry chair back, or a tapestry blanket, or pillows, or you can have tapestry table runners. Some […]