Modern Lighting Room By Room

modern lighting by Aton

Modern lighting has done much to change the way we illuminate our homes and our lives has changed, modern lighting is based on well planned and implemented lighting throughout the house. Let’s review the basics of lighting : It is better to replace the ceiling light with many light areas in a room. Create ambient […]

Antler Chandeliers Explored

The Antler Chandelier We all enjoy enhancing our homes. Making it transfer from a house into a home is a pleasure. Not only should carpet colors, furniture shades and fabrics, drapes, and end tables be considered when trying to create the atmosphere you desire. Also a careful eye should be paid to the lighting. Antler […]

Chandelier Lighting styles

Chandelier lighting add a certain flair to any room. From outdoor chandeliers to crystal chandeliers, mini ones to wrought iron, there is always one to match your interior design objectives. It is always a treat to get to choose the lighting for any room. One thing to consider when adding a chandelier light is that, even […]