Rocking Chairs An Overview

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Several furniture pieces that existed and were in use during our great grand-parents time have been able to endure across the times and reach us. Among these we find the rocking chair. This type of seat that can be defined as a chair with motion, has legs that are connected by a lateral bar. The […]

Folding Chairs Styles

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Folding chairs come in many styles, colors, and to fit any budget but essentially we can say that three distinctive categories can be named for their construction style. I will not be discussing materials in this article but rather the way the a folding chair is constructed, because that is what determines the chair type. […]

The Many Benefits of Using a Good Quality Padded Folding Chair

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Padded folding chairs are better than the folding chairs most commonly found  in institutions. These are solid, hard working chairs made of a metal frame with a seat and back made sometimes of metal or vinyl. While these chairs are still widely used, corporations and individuals who have realized the ubiquitous qualities of the metal […]

Children’s Rocking Chairs


Two things prove that rocking chairs and children go together like hand and glove. Visit any good nursery school and you will see a rocking chair for an adult to rock a child who needs soothing and comforting, and you will see some rocking chairs for children to sit and rock any time they want. […]

Rocking Chairs Are Still In


Rocking chairs are chairs for lazy people by excellence, descendant of the rocking bassinet of the 17th century and of the rocking horse, they are no longer restricted to your grandfather. Like anything that has been around for longer than three centuries, The rocking chair has had its ups and its downs, but today it is an […]

The Rocking Chair keeps On Rocking

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The rocking chair started out somewhere around the 17th century and has been reinvented ever since. Some think that it was originally inspired by the rocking system on baby bassinets, other attribute its invention to Ben Flanklin in the 18th century. Regardless of its beginning the rocking is here to stay. In the early stages […]

A Leather Clad Sofa

Elegant Modern Contemporary Le Corbusier Style Black Leather Sofa and Two Chairs Set

Leather as explained in “How To Choose Leather Furniture” is a wonderful natural material that is used in many leather goods: bags, shoes, saddles, accessories, and of course furniture. Leather is associated by many to an idea of prestige and luxury. When chosen as the finish for our furniture is it a sure way to […]

Leather To Upholster Furniture


There is no other material that can embody nature, strength, ease of care, beauty, and sensuality like leather. Far from aging with time, leather acquires patina that accentuates it character. However, how can you choose what is the right leather for you? What are the different types of leather and does it matter? How to […]