Barbara Hulanicki Wallpaper Collection


I really like Barbara Hulanicki, the success of Glam Fab! The Barbara Hulanicki wallpaper collection is difficult to describe in a few words. From 1965 to 1975 Barbara Hulanicki worked on the creation of a yet unknown style which helped move London to the forefront of fashion capitals. Strongly inspired by Art Deco and Art […]

Tips To Choose Wallpaper

Tips to choose wallper

Wallpaper cover our walls for a home decor that is modern, contemporary, exotic or even pop, it’s up to you. There are many wallpapers of diverse quality and designs. Designer wallpaper can even create a more arty or fabulous. Here are some tips to choose wallpaper, no more agonizing decision to make when choosing wallpaper, […]

Designer Wallpaper By Amy Butler – Midnight


Amy Butler a well known designer and artist creates colorful and extraordinary motifs and patterns that are used for home accessories such as pillows, dishes and linens, as well as fabrics, wallpaper, rugs, and paper. Here is a selection of wallpaper designs that can be found in the Midnight Palette of designers wallpapers which were […]

Designers Wallpapers – Artist’s Work


When you are standing in a room with a designer wallpaper like those designed by Amy Butler, Aimee Wilder, or Julien Macdonald it is impossible not take notice. Wallpaper is a decorator’s element that had its heyday and was then forgotten for a while. That’s what happens… “when you cling to the wall you become […]

Amy Butler Wallpaper – Sunset


Amy Butler is an artist and designer who creates colorful and out of the ordinary motifs and pattern that have many uses in interior design and home decor: fabrics, wallpaper, rugs, paper, and home accessories such as pillows, dishes and linens. Here is a selection of 5 wallpaper designs included in the Sunset Palette done […]