Choosing Window Curtains


Window curtains have the great advantages to protect privacy, create an elegant atmosphere, and bring comfort to our lives. As soon as you hang window curtains in an empty room, the room is transformed into a warmer more welcoming place. Besides all this they can be used to create all sorts of effects, depending on […]

12 Window Treatment Ideas

window treatment ideas

  12 Window Treatment Ideas We have many windows. Getting the right window treatment ideas may not always be so obvious. Here are ideas that will help you find the answer to what might be a puzzling dilemma. Some of the ideas presented here may be whimsical or colorful; what they are not is boring. Sometimes we […]

Wood Venetian Blinds – Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

wood window blinds

[one_half]Venetian blinds are slatted blinds consisting of horizontal slats in varying length and width. They are normally made of 3 types of materials: wood, plastic, or metal. In this part we will look at wood horizontal blinds. Other variations include 1″ Wood Blinds 2″ Slat Wood Window Blinds Cordless Wood Window Blinds Privacy Wood Window […]

Designer Curtain Fabric

curtain fabric

If you’re designing a room from scratch or you’re just redecorating, you might be interested in adding some designer touches to the area. Designer curtain fabric is one great way to do that without exploding your budget. While anything designer is going to cost more than its non-designer counterpart, something like window curtain fabric done […]

Make a Statement with Attractive Kitchen Blinds

kitchen bamboo blinds

Most people don’t give their kitchen blinds a second thought. When it comes time to replace the blinds, they pick up the same kind they always have — the cheap plastic kind you can find at any large discount store. These blinds are usually white or off-white and add very little to the kitchen’s décor. […]