Designer Curtain Fabric

curtain fabric

If you’re designing a room from scratch or you’re just redecorating, you might be interested in adding some designer touches to the area. Designer curtain fabric is one great way to do that without exploding your budget. While anything designer is going to cost more than its non-designer counterpart, something like window curtain fabric done […]

Choosing A Fabric Shower Curtain

with valance

Regardless of the bathroom you have, whether it is simple or very elaborate with many decorative elements, you can add style to it by adding a fabric shower curtain. The difference fabric versus vinyl makes cannot be emphasized enough when talking about decor. Certainly the main advantage of fabric is that it can be tossed […]

Kitchen Curtains

Janna Kitchen Curtain Tier and Swag SET

Whether you use kitchen curtains or blinds is a matter of several factors. The amount of light that your kitchen windows provide, the view from the windows, sometimes if you use the kitchen as a dining area might also affect your choice of window covering. Another factor to consider seriously is the ability to clean […]

Voile Curtains

simply shabby chic voile curtain

Voile is a soft light woven fabric, used frequently for window coverings. It can be made of cotton or polyester. It comes from the French word veil. Its light weigh gives windows an enchanting look, and a charming atmosphere to the room. Voile has also been used as a mosquito net. Voile curtains come in […]

Decorating With Curtain Rods

rustic curtain rod

If the drawstring curtain rod single or double track was the easiest to use, there is a definite trend to replace it with a more interesting formula that fits our windows much better and gives them a touch of personality they never exhibited before. One fast easy and fairly inexpensive way to make a change […]