Charming Bistro Tables

Bistro tables can be defined by just one adjective: charming!

A bistro table is perfect for areas in the house where a full size table would be to big and cumbersome. Another quality of a bistro table is versatility. Because a bistro table is  small, not always light though, you can easily move it to the deck or the patio when you need to. Some will have you believe that it should be round and have a glass top, others that it is round but is made of wood. The fact is that they are as diverse in style as any other furniture. Whether your decor is ultra modern or classic, you will find one that fits your needs.

The only thing that all bistro tables have in common is just about the size. They are normally smaller than full size table (although today some are larger and called bistro because of the style.) A round one will usually be 60 to 70 cm in diameter (23 to 27 inches) and a square one about the same. There are some rectangular bistro tables as well.

Fermob is a French company that has made bistro sets for a long time and has built an international reputation. You can see some of their products at Fermobusa. I think that their tables are the embodiment of charm, as you can see in these pastel tables.

Most of the Fermob bistro tables and chairs earned their fame outside as patio bistro tables and chairs. Because they can be folded and stored away for the winter months. There is no need to keep them as outdoor bistro sets only. Most people can use a folding bistro table and matching folding chairs that can be set up in a few minutes when needed.

bistro tables in pastel colors for use inside or outdoor

The traditionally  they were not meant to be in one material other another.

Some were in wrought iron others were in wood. Some manufacturers have use other materials like this vintage bistro table-top covered in a checkered white and green leather pattern. These tables are hand made by custom order only and can be expensive, they are available at Spooner and Watts UK. Even if ordering one from England is a little difficult you could use it as inspiration for your own decor.

Spooner And Watts leather checker top

Modern, and contemporary bistro tables have many looks,for example there is a collection called Vengeance by the brand St Tropez that merges comfort and modernity. It is available in a large choice of shapes and colors.

At one time French bistro tables used in bistros were a great place for advertising. Many national brands of products would pay to have their products seen by customers while they were sipping their morning coffee. Some original of these highly prized tables are still found, but you can also find some very good reproductions and have a retro bistro table in your kitchen.

retro advertisement bistro table

You can buy a bistro table by itself or you can buy a bistro table set. Most sets are sold with two tables because it is assumed that if you buy a bistro table set is that you have limited space, but you can certainly order additional bistro chairs to match you set. It is highly advisable to buy all your pieces at the same time in order to have the same paint lot, and not run the risk of having a mismatched set. But it is not necessary to have a matching set for a striking effect in your kitchen.
There are many more tables to be found, some in oak or other wood, some with a glass top others with mosaic top, some with simple pedestal foot others with ornate foot, and I encourage you to delve into some of the sites that offer bistro tables to find the perfect addition to your kitchen.