Cleaning & Maintaining The Bathroom

Taking care of your bathroom will ensure that it will remain as shining as it was on the first day. Here are some tips for a spotless mirror, a bathtub without hard water deposits, a shiny sink, cleans pipes, and perfect floor tiles.

How to remove hard water deposits from a bathtub
Whenever you have water spots or lines in your bathtub, it looks awful and ruins an otherwise great looking bathroom. To remove hard water deposits, don’t use products that are designed to clean toilets, or products that are too aggressive on the tub finish. You can apply a thick layer or rock salt on the spots then sprinkle with very hot vinegar. Repeat if necessary. This will treatment can be applied to glass vessel sinks as well.

How to remove residue from non slip appliques
If you had used non slip appliques in your shower or bathtub to prevent falls, but they are worn and you want to replace them… and they left ugly glue residue when you pulled them up. Don’t panic! First make sure the bathroom is well ventilated, using a blower to circulate air if necessary. Put on gloves and protective goggles or glasses. With a paint brush apply a thick layer of a product with methylene chloride, also know as paint stripper. Let is stand a few minutes then remove with an old spatula. Finish with a sponge and plenty of clear water.

How to clean tile joints
It is absolutely horrible to watch tile joint as they are getting darker. There is a solution to fight this plague that all homeowners have encountered at one time or another. Put on your gloves, and mix water and Pinesol, or water and bleach. With a hard brush type toothbrush, scrub the joints. Rinse as you go along.

Shine mirrors and windows
To clean your windows and mirrors, you can use a clean and slightly wet microfiber wash cloth. If the surface is really dirty you can add a few drop of window cleaner, then wipe.
A more natural, but very effective way is to use hot vinegar on a clean lint free cloth. Newspaper soaked with rubbing alcohol also work very well. If you have spots that persist you can rub an onion slice on them before washing the window, or the mirror.

How to clean an acrylic sink
Today many sinks and particularly vessel sinks are acrylic. To clean them use a sponge and a non abrasive cleaner. Rinse with clean water, then dry with a cloth to prevent water spots. Do not use powder cleaners, alcohol or turpentine based products. If your sink is scratched, you can polish it with a liquid polisher after you have lightly remove the scratch with a very fine sand paper.

How to take care of your bathroom floor tiles
Floor tiles and wall tiles are easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Don’t forget to rinse after you have washed or a soap film will remain. White tiles can regain their luster with window cleaning products.

Keeping your plumbing pipes in clean condition
If your pipes have a dirty buildup, you can use boiling water with Arm & Hammer baking soda, flushing them once a month is a great idea to keep them at their best. If there is a blockage you can insert a rubber hose into the pipe, connect a pump like the ones you use to inflate air mattresses and blow air into the pipe, this should dislodge the blockage and save you a plumber’s bill.

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