The Different Types Of Floating Shelves

When you’’re ready to step up your home décor, you’ll want to think about adding some floating shelves to your living spaces. You’ll find that there are many different looks out there in the types of shelving that are available. It’s easy to find one that adds just the right touch to fulfill you decorating needs.

Corner Floating Shelves

One style that makes a great use of a space that is often neglected when you’re setting up your home. The corner floating shelf takes advantage of this space, allowing you to place books or other light pieces here. These shelves are very eye catching, since this is a traditionally underutilized space in the home.

Floating Corner Shelf

Woodbury Corner Wall Shelf

Invisible Mount Corner Shelf

Photo Shelves

These floating shelves are typically fairly lightweight, since they are just designed to hold the weight of a few picture frames. They are typically narrow, with some type of rail to place the frames down into. The general effect of this type of shelf is to allow the viewer to really focus on the framed images, without really noticing the shelf on which they sit.

New Decor Photo Ledge Picture Display Espresso

Bijou Wall Shelf

The Bijou shelf has a weighty architectural feel to it. It looks like a piece of crown molding floating free on the wall. It has a very dignified look which lends itself well to being used for displaying small pieces of artwork or statuary.

Corona Crown Molding Wall Shelving Honey Oak

Wine Glass Shelf

It is even possible to get a floating shelf for storing your wine glasses. You’ll typically want to mount this shelving unit over your wine rack, or some other convenient location in your kitchen or entertaining space.

Pinot Wine Glass Shelves

Shelves for all Occasions

As you can see, there are almost as many different types of shelves as there are things to place upon them. You can be sure that you’ll find the right one to fit your decorating styles and needs. It is easy to install a floating shelf, but if you need some help follow the link for step by step instructions.

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