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Discover a whole array of contemporary decorative home objects and quickly transform your interior into an up to date, vibrant environment.

Umbra products are young, colorful, and creative

Since 1979, when two childhood friends Paul Rowan et Les Mandelbaum create the company, they have constantly surprised us with innovative and fun creations. There is a team unity even with the large number of designers who collaborate to make the brand one of the best. In fact, designers for Umbra are well known worldwide, and from different parts of the world. They constantly provide unique objects or collections of objects, that are as beautiful as they are practical. Umbra products are also known for their quality. To keep the quality high Umbra controls all production in its own factories. Today they have more than 250 employees.

The types and designs of Umbra products are varied ranging from photo frames to clocks, from table decor to bathroom decor. The company is also a source for modern furniture. Their trash cans for example are as much a decorative part of the kitchen as they are utilitarian in a modern kitchen. Regardless of your personal preferences you will probably appreciate the way designers like Anna Buechin, Karim Rashid, David Quan, or Matt Carr
And many more help you decorate your home interior.

 Umbra Mingle Multi Mirror Designer Anna Buechin, who has designed many of the Umbra products family,  has created a very artistic mirror that consist of several elements of different sizes, with polished edges. They are easy to install, and produce a totally personalized wall decor since you attach them in any configuration you choose. The Mingle Multi Mirror is perfect to add a touch of light in a small space area.

 Minimix Photo Frame

Buechin also designed the Minimix Photo Frame, a group of six Baroque frames that are absolutely divine. Whether you have a Baroque or a retro style decor these elegant frames will accentuate your photos in a very unique way. The frames are attached to each other to create a very pretty wall decor.

 Mosh Multi Mirror

There are many Umbra mirrors available. Personally I really like the modular Mosh Multi Mirror designed by Matt Carr. Each element is framed by a lacquered wood frame in a totally destructed formation. Some frames are horizontal, while other are vertical or even on a diagonal, all in an harmonious tangle. A great way to bring a modern touch to a classic decor. In all there are 11 frames composed of three 5″ x 7″, three 4″ x 4″, and five 4″ x 6″; 18″L x 24″W x 1″H overall.

 Umbra Fairest Wall Décor

Another set of mirrors that can be used to create a fabulous decor is a set of five Victorian style hand mirrors , each cut in a different shape. You can group them or use separately as you wish. Regardless how you hang them (they can also be used horizontally) you are guaranteed to end up with an eye catching display.

 Umbra products are also well known for the many innovative ways to display photos. The company has come up with an incredible number of different designs each looking for a fun and artistic way to show off your favorite pictures. Here are my top picks in Umbra photo frames.

 Fotofalls The first one is the Fotofalls a tree of pictures by designer Tom Vincent. It is a bona fide work of art to optimize your photos. A very modern accessory, it is sold unassembled but assembly is very easy. It stands at 5’ tall and holds 36 pictures. The flat clips that hold the photos can also accommodate post cards. The airy look of the design gives this piece a fun and out of the ordinary character. A perfect gift for teenagers, this tree also comes in a Fotofalls Desktop model.

 Umbra Ice Glass with Stainless Steel Cube Frame

You can add a whole new dimension to your photo display with the Ice cube frame. The very clever design allows you to display 3 photos that will be reflected from different angles in a very futuristic effect. It sit on a stainless steel holder for a clean and modern decor.

There are many more umbra products available and you can see some bathroom color ideas using some of their fun designs. On a previous post, I have also written about an Umbra floating shelf that creates the illusions of books floating on a wall without any means of support.

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