Door Knobs For Every Door And Every Style

It is difficult to feel electrified about a door knob, but in fact door knobs and door handles have the discreet charm of a truly useful object. A door knob is not just a door knob if you get a closer look you will quickly realize that it is an area of decoration where choices are endless.

We all have both interior door knobs and usually most homes have a couple of door knobs on the outside of the house, it is evident than when we talk about a door knob as a decorative object we are going to concentrate on the interior door knob as we have more opportunities to place them around the house, furthermore outdoor knobs are always equipped with a locking mechanism. We will also have to differentiate between door knobs that are installed on doors and those that are part of the cabinetry. Most people do not make an attempt at matching the door handle and the kitchen cabinet door knobs, or the bathroom cabinets door knobs, but where appropriate in a kitchen or bathroom you certainly can do so.

The other decision we must make when starting the process of changing the door knobs around the house, or choosing new one for a new house, is whether we will be using a contemporary style or vintage door knobs or even go all the way to real antique door knobs.

One thing that you must realize before you embark on a quest for antique door knobs is that you might not be able to find as many in one particular style as you want. If your objective is to have all the doors in your house have matching door knobs this might not be the easiest solution. You might be a little luckier looking for a vintage door knob, from a more recent era like the 40’s or the 50’s. You should know that you can buy some very good reproductions of antique door knobs at a much lower price.

It is clear that you will find more knobs in a contemporary style than in any other and that contemporary door knobs will also come in a wider range of materials.

Metal or brass door knobs were at times popular and at other times less in favor. The war and the demand on metals had a big influence on that. That is why during the period of war more glass door knobs were made, then in the 50’s people went back to using metal again.

Today of course all limitations have been removed and you will find door knobs to fit your style or your decor including crystal door knobs and ceramic door knobs.

Before giving you a few samples of interesting door knobs to get you started on your search for the perfect one for your home we should talk about the four major brands.

Emtek door knobs are some of the finest quality product you might want, and their selection is extensive. Consulting their catalogue is a good way to get an idea of what is available.

They handle (pardon the pun) door knobs in any material you can think of, starting from chrome door knobs for a contemporary look, to ceramic door knobs for a country ambiance. Emtek does not sell directly to consumers, you can find Emtek door knobs in some of your local stores or for a larger selection you can consult one of the many Emtek door knob distributors online.

The Baldwin door knobs company is another one with a superior quality that needs no endorsement, one look and you will be convinced of the quality of their offerings. While they have a large selection of cabinet door knobs I found that their choice for doors was more limited. However, the Couture collection is absolutely superb. A series of 6 door knobs with exquisite details and beauty, that would please the most demanding decorator.

I will include Kwikset in the list of companies but I do not consider them as a decorative door knob manufacturer. They do however produce some of the best and most secure knobs with locks. Their door knobs are better suited for an exterior door but if you have some interior doors that need to be locked then you should certainly consider this company.

The same can be said of Schlage door knobs, excellent quality but a small selection of decorative elements.

For unique artistic door knobs you can also turn to small companies that produce unusual designs.

Depending on your style you can select a glass door knob or a steel door knob with a look design to fit a contemporary decor or you can complement a traditional decor with the carefully crafted finish of porcelain or a depression glass door knob.

Here is a collection of fun, beautiful door knobs to spark your curiosity and start your inquiry in this so subtle decorative item. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

glassknobs 1

A glass door knob can be in any color and shape, it can be smooth or ribbed, have bubbles for effect the possibilities are endless.

glass knobs 2

A reproduction from an antique style like the beehive door knob below brings a Victorian Style from the late 1880’s to our modern settings, it would fit very well in an Art Deco style home, but would also find a place in a traditional surrounding. (This kind of ribbed knob is very practical for older people who may have difficulties grabbing a smooth surface.)

beehive doorknob

For a truly giggling fun Art Deco style it is sufficient to look at the following knob, you will never be able to reach for one of these without a smile.

art deco knobComing soon : door handles that can be as numerous and wildly interesting as the knobs, handles also can be found in all styles,  in the vast collections available on line, whether your style is Art Nouveau, or you like the slick look of stone as in the lapis lazuli handle or  Art deco, I encourage you to take your time and to have fun choosing your new door knob or door handle.