Feng Shui Kitchen

The Kitchen is an important room in any home, and it deserves a special attention. It is often the center of family life and this Chinese philosophy principles can help you to set up a Feng Shui kitchen to harmonize the energy, improve your health and your family relationships.

A Feng Shui kitchen requires order and cleanliness.

First keep in mind that you should not neglect the arrangement in your kitchen. It is, as I said, the hub of domestic activities, a place where a family meets to prepare meals and sometimes even to take meals together. This room then corresponds to food, thus fortune (wealth), family, and health according to basic principles of Feng Shui. It is recommended that both cleanliness and order be the leitmotiv of a kitchen. Take pleasure in decorating it, but avoid a decor that is too elaborate or flamboyant.

Cleanliness is queen in this room. Insist on hygienic conditions, clean up your work counters as soon as possible. Of course, you must keep order in order to keep Chi flowing. As you probably know too much clutter can annoy you and even reduce the pleasure you have in cooking. Order your cupboards well and discard gadgets you don’t need. Choose your accessories carefully.

Feng Shui also requires that knives and sharp objects be kept in drawers or cupboards, just not in plain view. These sharp objects could seriously diminish the flow of Chi and create negative energy.

A good orientation and light colors for a Feng Shui kitchen

It would be ideal if the kitchen was oriented towards the south-east, This kitchen orientation is favorable to positive energy movement. While talking about orientation I should also mention that the orientation of the stove should be planned carefully. You should not have your back to a door when standing at the stove, or  at the counters when preparing food. If that is the case, simply place a mirror that reflects the door, and it will eliminate the feelings of insecurity the door at your back might create. This will help you free your mind and be more relaxed.

Separate water and fire (sink and stove)

In this room water and fire must by necessity be together. It is  then necessary (as much as you can) separate them. It is then not indicated to place the refrigerator or the sink next to the oven or the stove. Whenever possible the stove, the fridge and the sink should form a triangle. However if you have no choice in this matter, because of the arrangement of the room, Feng Shui advises to slide some wood objects between the two as an alternative. A wood cutting board or a green plant between the two can restore the equilibrium of energy of the tree “fire and water”.

Besides this, a Feng Shui kitchen needs good lighting. All work areas need to be well lit.

Opt for a white decor, whether for walls or for decorative object white is a great kitchen color. If you really don’t want white, then a lighter more luminous color should be preferred. A light yellow, or a light beige are great Feng Shui choices for a kitchen specially if you eat in the kitchen, as these light colors contribute to better tasting food, by charging it with convivial and revitalizing energy.

Don’t forget that the practice of Feng Shui is first and foremost based on the individual. It is am empirical philosophy. It is not a question of following the rules to the letter, but rather to adapt them to your personality, your tastes and you Feng Shui profile. Each case is different. Most people can learn Feng Shui on their own, but in some case, to improve health of for difficult situations consulting a Feng Shui expert can be beneficial.

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