Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Mirrors in Feng Shui come in two forms. First there is the Bagua mirror, a concave or convex mirror surrounded by 8 trigrams representing the heavens; these mirrors are never used in the house as their powerful effects would create more turmoil than benefits. Then there are the ordinary mirrors that you are familiar with, and that can be put to good use to make the home more harmonious.

Feng shui mirror placement must be carefully studied and we will see examples further in this article. You should know a few basics before even placing the mirror.

The mirror is called the “aspirin” of Feng Shui because it corrects energy problems that can arise in any home.

There is one Feng Shui mirror placement you should avoid at all cost, and that is facing the entry door. The energy that should normally revitalize your home would be pushed back to the outside. Think about the reflection of the sun on a shiny surface to understand the energetic action of the mirror. This position and reversal of energy direction could be harmful to your health.

If your entryway is narrow and you want to enlarge the small space with a mirror then you should install the mirror on an adjacent wall rather than the wall facing the door. Another solution to create the illusion of space is to paint a “trompe l’oeil” with a beautiful perspective. Remember that a first impression is a lasting impression and give the tone to the entire house. In fact a mirror facing the door is not welcoming, it might even bother some visitors.

So what is the right Feng Shui placement for mirrors?

The rule cited above does not apply to any other door in the house. You can safely use them in front of interior doors to help the chi energy move about, and circulate from room to room. You should not, however, go crazy and put mirrors everywhere. One or two should do the trick, unless your home is particularly complex.

You can use mirrors to add space to a room with an odd shape. By placing the mirror in an angle you can give the illusion of a square or rectangular room. This is better done with a large mirror.

In order to not reflect energy outside you should not place mirrors facing any windows. You should also avoid placing mirrors close to windows.

If you have a long hallway energy will move very quickly, you can stagger mirrors on each side of the hallway to slow the flow of energy. Do not however place the mirrors directly in front of each other.

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