Feng Shui Mirrors

In Feng Shui mirrors are used to:

Add light, add space to an area, and to create a missing area in a room or house. No space can be missing any areas in Feng Shui, it must be a perfect shape. A mirror is also used to ward off a bad chi.

You should avoid smoked mirrors or dark mirrors. Mirrors with odd shapes or with strange etchings should also be shunned, as well as mirrors spotted by age, scratched, or damaged in any way including damage to the frame.

A mirror must be large enough to reflect a person entire face, or the whole body for a full length mirror. It is important to hang mirrors high enough to see the top of your head.

Mirrors that are have several panes are to be avoided as they break the image.

Position of mirrors in relation to windows:

Do not use mirrors close to windows

Do not hang mirrors in a way that they reflect a window as they send energy back to the outside.

Where should you place mirrors in a Feng Shui bedroom?

Avoid mirrors in a bedroom unless you don’t have a choice. If you must have a mirror in your room place it in such a way that you cannot see the reflection of the bed when lying in it. (Cover the mirror at night if that is not possible).

Is it ok to haveFeng Shui mirrors opposite each other

Never install facing mirrors as they reflect energy to each other. You can however do it in a staggered way in a narrow hallway, in order to slow the flow of energy.

Other concerns:

As alluded earlier mirrors can be used to add a missing space. If you have an odd shape room you can use a mirror to re-establish the equilibrium of the rectangle by placing it caddy corner in the odd area. (Use a large mirror to accomplish the goal).

Convex mirrors can disperse the shar chi (bad energy); if you live in an apartment at the end of a long hall, or if you share a landing with the door of a neighbor, of if you can see some negative elements from your window, or if you have a big tree in front of your door, (any of the things you need to avoid), you can use a convex mirror above the door or window or the area where you need to redirect energy, but do not use a convex mirror in the house.

In a Feng shui kitchen if your back must be to the door when you cook, place a mirror to reflect the door so you will have a better sense of security.

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