Floating Shelves Many Faces

Floating shelves can take many aspects. Some shelves are simple others are downright ingenious. Some are one little shelf against a wall to display an art piece, a bowl, a couple of candles, others are more elaborate and might present the appearance of several cubes related to each other, another one could yet be a few small shelves stacked over each other.

Floating shelves come in different sizes and shapes. They are termed ‘floating’ because they hide their mounting hardware inside the shelving unit. Once mounted to the wall, they seem to ‘float’ there unsupported.
The amount of weight that they can support depends on the size of the shelf and whether you were able to attach the mounts to wall studs. If you did, your shelf should be able to hold anywhere from 5 to 40 pounds, depending on the size of the shelf.

Floating shelves can be placed in any room where there is a need. One might be the holder of a few cookbooks in the kitchen, while another could hold some glass jars in the bathroom. Living rooms and even dining rooms can show the need for such a light weight, and efficient shelf. The majority of people reading this article do not need any explication for what a floating shelf looks like as we have all seen them. They come in any color one might imagine, sizes, materials and finishes are many and you can literally find anything you want. Remember that a floating shelf does not have to be a one piece on a wall, but  can be a combination of pieces, and it can go in a corner. There are many corner wall shelves to choose from.

I will, then, concentrate on giving you ideas for floating shelves that are unique and original. Some of you, who are capable, might even try to build some, as building a shelf is one of the easiest thing to do. One thing must be said about unusual floating shelves, they will fit a contemporary style better than they will fit a classic home, but many shelves not shown, or discussed here are available for classic surroundings.

tangram shelves by lago

Based on the same concept as the children game Tangram, this shelf, by Italian designer Lago, allows you to give free rein to your imaginative and creative decorating skills. You can organize your floating shelves in the shape of animals, abstracts objects or people, all depending on your mood. If you still have a copy of the game around you could get all sorts of shelves design ideas! The shelves are available in white, and many other colors. What an excellent idea!

floating bookshelf from umbra

One of the most WOW shelf that is around is the conceal bookshelf available at Amazon. This Umbra product is very ingenious and most people seeing it for the first time will wonder how your books float in the air like that. One shelf will hold up to 14 books but you could have two or three shelves on one wall, have your books float up the wall in a very decorative way. It is made of coated steel and is easy to install, as all mounting hardware is provided.

rod shelf

For people who are always on the edge and feel like their life is hanging on a thread, this shelf may be very symbolic. It is called the rod shelf, and you could not find anything more minimalist in a bookshelf. It is made of a single colored metal rod, a single line stands from the wall to support your books. I really like the yellow against a black wall, the question is would a thin black floating shelf on a white wall be as effective? I saw this shelf on Architonic an architecture and design site, but did not locate any US resellers.

Fly Shelf Projection Screen

Who said that  floating wall shelves must only be used to display chotkas, This aluminum shelf from Liv’it hides a projection screen. Not everyone might need one, but if your place is multipurpose, then this is the one for you. Designed by Italian designer Matteo Ragni it is available at panik design a European company and comes in red, aluminum, or black.

You are not limited to having shelves along side a wall, there are many corner floating shelves, a fun design is one that use the wall for visual effect. The shelf below does that with a contrast of the oak floating shelf against the off white wall.

corner floating shelf

The material  you choose will depend entirely on your decor and the use of the shelf. Glass floating shelves can give you a striking modern look but are certainly not appropriate for heavy displays. A wrought iron floating that might be gorgeous in one area might obviously not work in another. You are really not limited to one particular material.  If you want to make your own floating shelf you are free to use any stiff material you want the shelf is only a flat surface on a support or a floating shelf bracket. Let your imagination be your guide.  The designer of the rod shelf above is a prime example of what imagination can do.

Prices for floating shelves are like for any other items you buy. A designer product will carry a hefty price and another will be inexpensive. You will find countless affordable shelves in your local stores and online in a very wide price range. The projection screen shelf above sells for over $1000 and must be shipped from Europe.

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