Learn How To Fold A Bunny Napkin

For Easter or simply to amuse children at the table learn to fold a napkin in the shape of a cute bunny.

How to fold a bunny napkin?

When we are having a dinner party we all want our table to look its best, with amazing presentations and surprising ideas. Nothing is easier than to fold the napkins and a fancy fold can quickly make the table look festive.

It is best to use a cloth napkin, but to tell the truth I have not tried it with a paper napkin and I do not know what the results would be. Here are step by step instructions on how to fold a bunny napkin.


Use a clothes pin in the back to hold it together. You can use a decorative mini clothes pin.

There is another even easier way to use a napkin with bunny ears. For this version however, you will have to serve an egg. Super easy and super fast. For this version you will need some ribbon.

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