Gray A Sophisticated Color

Gray is a classic color, elegant and well suited for traditional settings. It is great to accentuate natural wood tones, greens, browns and taupe, and it give a sophisticated look when used with yellow. Contrarily to popular belief gray is not a morose color.

gray paint walls

Warm grays, are always perfect for classic decor as they integrate well with woods and traditional furniture. However it is best to use dark grays in rooms that receive a good amount of natural light. Dark warm grays can be matched easily with contrasting colors like blue or red. A good color to add to silver as well.

gray living room

Pearl gray has purple nuances and falls in the category of dark grays, it is a calming color that can be used in a bedroom. You can do a wall with a print wallpaper to accent it, or contrast it with pale contrasting colors like a light blue, light yellow or light pink. Any of these combinations would give you a very feminine atmosphere.

dining gray and white

Middle gray is not as dark and can be enhanced with blues, including dark blues, pink or lilac as well as beige or sand tones. Do not overdo the mixing of colors, choose one or two combinations only.

gray and yellow kitchen

Steel gray is a deep color not as dark as a middle gray that can be used in a kitchen with touches of brown, green, blue or orange.

Light grays can often appear cold, for this reason you should not use them alone. It is very important to add any of the colors that go well with gray like pink, or yellow, green or blue. When using a light gray it is also important to keep the other colors to a pastel.

Can gray can also be used with white as long as it is a pale gray, it is beautiful with ivory or off white.

Whenever you use gray with a good contrasting color, the alliance of the two will give you a sophisticated decor that will always be pleasing and will defy trends.

gray 3

When using gray on your walls think about floor materials that might accentuate your room even more, you might opt for a granite or an old wood floor, and don’t forget all the old accessories you might find authentic or reproduced.

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