How To Optimize A Closet Or Wardrobe

Every women dreams to have a well organized closet or wardrobe, with everything in its place and a place for everything as goes the cliché. The fact is that this is not really hard to do. Regardless of the size of your closet, there is a way or a closet organizer system to make it happen.Here are a few tips to get you organized.

The secret of a functional optimized closet is to have easy access to clothes, and other things you need to dress, without having to move other items when you reach for them.

You need to compartmentalize as much as possible, using drawers, shelves, and hanging rods as well as shoe organizers. Your arrangement must fit perfectly your type of clothing: high hanging rods for dresses and coats, low for blouses, shirts, jackets or pants. Drawers for small items like socks, belts, scarves or under-garments. It is nice when drawers have a clear front so you can see what is inside easily.

Pants and jeans can often be put on sliding racks that can hold about 10 pairs. Remember that the idea is to separate the different types of clothing to make them easier to find, so you can use any compartment to that effect. Many manufacturers of closet accessories have modular options, to which you can add later as your need increase, and if you have the room.

Corners in a walk-in closet are notoriously poorly used. Corner shelves or racks will help you make the most of your space.

Proper lighting in your closet is essential even if it is often neglected. Your attention to proper storage will be accentuated with a good light as you will more clearly see when clothes are piling up against each other. In addition good lighting helps you choose your clothes without having to take them out of the closet, only to have to replace them in if you took out the wrong thing. You can find in some catalogues some lighted closet rods or you can opt for a much more affordable solution and use battery operated closet lights.

The price you will pay to organize your closet depends on the size you have to organize and the type of materials you use. Storage elements can be made of exotic woods or less expensive domestic wood. They can also be made of plastic, but plastic closet organizers will not have a long life.

For a low budget or a temporary solution you could use storing boxes, or wicker baskets to hold small items. Another possibility is to used canvas organizers.

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