Kids Bathroom Ideas

When a bathroom is shared by adults and children the bathroom decor requires some subterfuge to make it appealing to both. Curtains and accessories that are fun for both should be chosen over delicate accessories that may look great to parents but will be a nuisance to the kids. Colorful materials and strong (if not unbreakable) items can really make life easier.

If you have the space to create a kids bathroom you have two options:

A children bathroom to their size: lower sinks, softer floors, and very childish decor. This type of bathroom can be very pretty but… You will have to redo everything very soon because kids grow up.

My advice is to keep an adult size bathroom, with colorful but more or less classic bathroom style. Instead of using children design on ceramic tiles, choose a color tile you like and add decals that you can change later. Play with the accessories, shower curtain, towel holder, toothbrush holders, rugs, towels…
Kids bathroom ideas

If you have the luxury of a separate kids bathroom you can decorate it faster than if it were to be shared with adults. Wall Paint is extremely effective to bring in the colors you want. Paint is inexpensive and you can change the decor more frequently if you need to, remember that kids do outgrow their preferences quickly.

Think about using bright colors and preferably (if possible) the colors your kids like. Same goes for the choice of towels and rugs. Wall decals and bathroom decals are inexpensive ways to make it any theme you want. Then adding toothbrush holders and other practical accessories in the right colors will complete the kids bathroom theme in no time. If it is Barbie or Princesses think pink, if it is Marine think blue and so on… Bathroom floor ideas for children bathrooms would be limited to adding floor rugs accessories rather than replacing the floor to fit a child’s theme.

When decorating a kids bathroom the most important thing to keep in mind is their safety. Use a non slip step stool so they can reach the toilet or the sink. Use acrylic or plastic unbreakable accessories. Rounded corners for furniture are to be preferred, and non slip surfaces in the bath or shower are a must. Preventing burns by controlling the water temperature is also a good idea if the kids are young.

Here to get you started are a few kids bathroom ideas for inspiration. Please send your own kids bathroom ideas (or for that matter any bathroom ideas you have) to share with readers and I will publish them in an upcoming reader’s section.

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