Modern Kitchen Conception by Whirlpool

modern kitchen by whirlpoolIntroduced last year in Milan the green kitchen by Whirlpool is a futuristic conception that is supposed to integrate all we will need to have an environmental kitchen. It has all appliances that are already in use in today’s modern kitchen, but put together they would allow us to save at least 24% on energy costs. To give you an example, the heat produced by the fridge compressor is re-used to heat the water for the dishwasher. The refrigerator which opens like a drawer, keeps cold air from leaking out each time we open it. During cooking the range hood captures any steam produced by cooking and uses it to keep the room to a comfortable ambient temperature. Water is also recycled from the dishwasher and serves to nurture the wall of plants and spices that will provide food for the household.

And if this is not enough for you, there is more. No more pans to cook. To use energy more efficiently and reduce loss of heat, the cooking vessels are an integral part of the range and counter.

For people who really cannot deal with all the pesticides our food is subjected to, a gadget in the sink will detect pesticides residue.

Whirlpool is expecting to spend 40% of its R&D budget, over the next four years, on this project, this represents about one billion dollars.

promotional herb garden_2

While this is a grand project still on the drawing board, if you are considering a kitchen remodel, you can start to integrate some of the ideas exposed by Whirlpool. Talk to your contractor and see whether some of the techniques can be incorporated in your project. Consider using a window for an indoor herb garden.

Today a modern kitchen means consideration on how we use our resources as much as it means to design from an esthetic point of view. You can have it both ways.