Modern Lighting Room By Room

Modern lighting has done much to change the way we illuminate our homes and our lives has changed, modern lighting is based on well planned and implemented lighting throughout the house.

Let’s review the basics of lighting :

  • It is better to replace the ceiling light with many light areas in a room.
  • Create ambient light by using several lights arranged just about anywhere around the room.

Lighting Room By Room

Bedroom Lighting

In the bedroom you need to think about 2 types of lights. The first should be a warm diffused light by which to get dressed. For this purpose you need a floor lamp or a lamp on a vanity, or on another piece of furniture. You could also use a ceiling light with a soft low level power. For the second type of lighting in the bedroom, you need reading lamps, above the bed or on a night stand. These should light only the area of the bed where they are placed.

bedroom ceiling light

In a bedroom lamps are used to create a mood, an ambience intended to comfort and relaxation, so you should plan to have a good wireless light in the closets so that you can see what you do and avoid some unpleasant surprises.

IHA advice – for a modern lighting effect place a large mirror in a corner of the room, behind which you have hidden a floor lamp. Effective and dramatic effect.

Bathroom Lighting

In this room you should prefer to have ceiling lights or wall mounted lights on each side of the vanity mirror or on the sides. You should use incandescent bulbs because they make you look better. You should avoid spot lights that would not flatter you.

bath lighting

Remember to keep electrical components to a safe distance from water sources.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting in the kitchen is a utility type of lighting, it is therefore important to plan it carefully. Priority should be accorded to lighting the workspaces very well, but not too much.

contemporary kitchen lighting

Fluorescent lights are to be avoided as the light they produce is often too harsh. It is better to have spot lights hidden behind a strip or recessed along the length of the cabinet in particular over the stove unless you have a hood. Place a beautiful pendant light from the ceiling for a striking modern lighting look.

light drawers and inside cabinets

It is really functional to add lights inside cabinets and drawers.

Dining Room Lighting

It is important to choose good lighting for this room. Halogen lamps give the best results but have fallen out of favor with the ecology crowd, however they do provide the best color renditions over a dining room table. They can be used at low power to preserve the appetizing color of food. A subdued lighting, even if too low, will not be detrimental to the taste of your food, whereas a light that is too strong could.

A natural and casual dining area

Remember that you can get special dining table lamps and that candles that light a table with enough glow can be very warm and pleasant. Even a casual eating area deserves good lighting.

Living room Lighting

Preferred lighting system in this room go to indirect mood lighting, with lamps in strategic locations, splashes of lights hidden behind a plant , or an object. These touches of hidden lights create a magnificent effect in corners or where there are angles, they put forth the textures of furniture and wall color reflects the light in a soft way, giving your place a refined atmosphere of well being.

living room lights

If you have art pieces or paintings that you want to accentuate by all means you should. Use spot lights making sure to only buy bulbs that will not damage your collection.

lighting the living room

When you have several sources of light you can choose the intensity of the lights in the room according to the activities that are taking place, reading, TV viewing, or chatting with friends. For a softer more intimate ambience, use candles also in varying locations everywhere in the room. If you have a ceiling light in your living room, you should use a dimmer to be able to change the level of lighting quickly.