Retro Bar Stools For Your Kitchen

For small flats and apartments or even lofts that have a minimalist theme, one of the best additions is a retro kitchen stool. Some are made to resemble sports themes and others are swivel bar stools like the ones in old 50’s ice-cream parlors. A metal option can have a pedestal or three or four legs and be a reproduction of the counter height seats of yesteryear or simply something a little retro from the 60’s or 70’s.

Kitchen Step Stools

Retro Kitchen seating can take other unexpected shapes such as the kitchen step stools that were tubular and had soft rounded edges and thick padding on the upper seat but rubber grips on the lower steps. These retro styles can be great for children to be participants in kitchen activities or for adults to have on hand to reach shelves in high cupboards.

Retro Wooden Stools for Country Cozy

Retro need not equal chrome or metal or be part of an art deco theme if that is not your style. There are antique and classic retro wooden kitchen stools and saddle or pine wood stools that have a country or provincial feel. Wooden breakfast seats with backs and soft fabric cushions that are made by Amish carpenters or by antique reproduction experts can give a warm cabin cozy atmosphere to any kitchen.

Leather Bar Stool Online

Kitchen islands with a leather bar stool can be as retro antique or as modern chic as your individual style. There are many furniture companies now selling their wares online so it should be easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for without even having to leave the comfort of your home. Your purchase of bar retro seating, kitchen stools, or retro office furniture, will be delivered directly to your door for a small charge, sometimes even free of shipping charges. Check them out and start swiveling and stepping and sitting on your very own retro stools!


  1. Shahbaz says

    You need different kinds of furniture in your home for different purposes. Some of it may be used frequently and some occasionally. Kitchen bar stools are a part of the furniture that is used on a daily basis. In some cases they have become a mainstay of the home.

    Bar stools are available in a large variety in terms of color, fabric and designs. The stores are full of of stools that may be casual, and fun. Before choosing a bar stool ensure that the design fits in with the overall design of your kitchen.

  2. ramy09 says

    Wonderful, The Seat – One of the most distinctive things about a retro bar stool is the fire engine red vinyl seat. You can still get that retro feel, though, if you choose another color or even another type of material. This is probably one of the easiest places to match your bar stool to the rest of your decor. That red is great if you have retro furniture already, but a more subtle black or brown can blend in well with other furniture. Light blue, purple, sparkly silver, and many other colors of vinyl are also available for the more adventurous.