Retro Toaster Design – Vintage and Memories

If you are looking for a toaster with a look that is both retro and good design then you have found undeniably the best one on the market, the Dualit Vario. It is available for toasting two, four or even six slices for really hungry people or large families. The cage is wide enough to accept all types of bread including a sandwich cage. The thermostat has a variable setting, and an award winning Protect Heat element, toasting efficiency is increased.

Choose yellow for a 60’s style, green for a 70’s style, or pink for the look that was popular in the 80’s, the choice is yours as the Dualit Vario is available in just about any color you like, and if the choice is too hard you can opt for the stainless steel polished look. The 60s and 70s retro look is back or perhaps it has never left.

Regardless of color the features are the same. It must be pointed out that this sold as a commercial toaster suitable for restaurants or high traffic, for the individual who appreciates and want the retro toaster look, this toaster will last a long, long time.

modern-toastersProduct Features:
Stainless Steel Body
28mm /1.1″ extra wide slots
Removable crumb tray and adjustable rear foot
Easy maintenance
Output per hour: 65 slices
Loading: 1250 watts
5 positions thermostat
Cold to the touch
Bread pop out to prevent burning
Dimensions: 10″ x 8″ x 9″ high
1-Year Warranty

Available in several colors from Amazon. - Dualit Vario 2-Slice Bread Toaster - Canary Yellow

If the commercial aspect of the Dualit Vario is too much for you then I suggest that you take a look at the Hamilton Beach 22119 Eclectrics All-Metal 2-Slice Toaster. Not available in as many colors as the Dualit, it does come in a beautiful retro Sea Breeze that is hard to beat. currently available at Amazon but becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Sea Breeze retro toaster

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