Table Decoration For Easter

 Tips and ideas for your table decoration for Easter

When you are planning your table decoration for Easter don’t forget that spring is finally here and that flowers can be an excellent ally. Of course eggs, rabbits and chicks are always a part of the season, but consider adding a touch of spring freshness to the table. Choose vibrant colors like green, blue, pink or gold. A simple yellow bouquet on a green tablecloth bring the symbolism of the awakening of nature to the warmth of the sun. It does not need to be elaborate to be effective. Here are some ideas to get you started.

table decoration for easter

Four tips to create a beautiful floral centerpiece.

Rule #1: limit the number of colors. If you are using a variety of flowers use only 2 or 3 colors that harmonize well. One color should be pastel, the other a more vivid hue of the same color and the third a neutral color like white or green.

Rule #2: for a harmonious bouquet you can choose either one, two or three type of flowers. You can easily follow a theme of your choosing, for the purpose of this writing the theme is obviously a table decoration for Easter.

Rule #3; add a dramatic element. That element is indispensable to add pizzaz to your centerpiece.

Rule #4: the choice of vase is important to accentuate the flowers.

Here are some ideas for decorating the Easter Table

pretty table for easter eggs on table for easter yellow table decoration for easter

Another unavoidable table decoration for Easter is of course the use of eggs. Decorating eggs does not need to be a very difficult task and if you have children they will be happy to help. Here are some fresh ideas on how to display eggs on the table.

Some people like to use glass eggs ornaments or egg candles.

Here are some easy to make egg decorations.

mustache eggs floral egg herbal eggs eggs in a jar black and white eggs
As you can see you don’t even need instructions and the kids will be happy to help make them.

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Learn How To Fold A Bunny Napkin

Napkin for easter table decoration



Make Easter Decoration with Origami







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