Bathroom Remodeling – Five Rules To Know

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You are thinking about a bathroom remodeling and are still pondering what is possible and what you might want to avoid. There are five rules that you should know before you start your bathroom remodeling project. Bathrooms have evolved and so have the elements that make up a typical bathroom. The bathrooms of the past […]

Bathroom Decor On A Budget

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Bathroom decor is no longer something we can ignore. Today‚Äôs bathrooms have become a very important room in our lives. Not only is the bathroom the first room we go to in the morning, and the last we visit before retiring for the night, but we can spend a considerable amount time relaxing and taking […]

How To Choose Bathroom Lighting

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Bathroom lighting defines space! Light plays a very important role in the bathroom, that is why you will really need two sources of light: a general overall light, and a localized light source near mirrors above the sink. General bathroom lighting The ideal bathroom is where the principal light is sufficient to see in the […]

Modern Lighting Room By Room

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Modern lighting has done much to change the way we illuminate our homes and our lives has changed, modern lighting is based on well planned and implemented lighting throughout the house. Let’s review the basics of lighting : It is better to replace the ceiling light with many light areas in a room. Create ambient […]

Bathroom Lights Functionality And Aesthetics


When choosing the interior design of a home, lighting is a key factor. Bathrooms are no different. Bathroom lights should not only reflect the flavor of a home but also be selected for illuminating the person using them. Lighting in a bath should not allow more than 24 to 36 square inches of space per […]