White Bedroom Furniture


Some designers and manufacturers have concentrated their effort towards producing white bedroom furniture. They are creating well designed and attractive accessories to create an elegant and chic atmosphere for your bedroom. All you need to do to achieve the look you want is to choose the principal elements of your bedroom and accessorize them with […]

The Perfect White Bookcase

Gift Mark Corner white bookcase

There are many bookcases made for kids available and choosing the right one can just be headache. From blue to pink not forgetting the ubiquitous white bookcase, from the most functional to the most imaginative, even sometimes bizarre, there really is an overabundance of choice. Usually in a baby’s room a bookcase will be used […]

Single Wallpaper Strip For A Unique Design

contemporary bold wallpaper sunflower

Hanging a full room of wallpaper could prove a little difficult, unless you are very handy, but if you only had only one strip to install then you could handle the job without problems. Here is an idea that is inexpensive and can be implemented easily by anyone who want to decorate the walls effectively […]

Shabby Chic

shabby chic 2

Do you like old things, furniture with the character of age, wood that has acquired patina over the years? Do you like to search for treasures in attics or flea markets, do you get a sense of accomplishment or just pleasure when you find an object with a story to tell? Then you might be […]

Painting Walls – Choosing A Color


I am starting today a new series of articles on how to choose color for painting and decorating a room. White, blue, red… What color is the most suitable for your interior decorating? Depending on the effect that you are trying to achieve, depending on the surface you are painting, some colors are more appropriate […]

Fun White Bookcase Designs


Traditional bookcases are very useful objects and we cannot live without them, so whether you are looking for a wood tone bookcase, or whether you prefer a white bookcase, even when you choose an antique white bookcase, a traditional bookcase is still just that a boring bookcase,  but you can liven up your decor a little with unusual […]

Gota The Eco Friendly Dishwasher


We have all heard it, “if you are going to run the dishwasher wait until it is full “. In an ecology conscious world the dishwasher is not considered a green appliance. Then comes Gota to solve the problem! It looks like it is straight from a science fiction movie, but possibly the best way […]