Towel Warmers

A bath towel warmer is the bathroom accessory that will change our lives.

Bathroom accessories like bathroom mirrors are indispensable to the way we live, some even add to our comfort. Most accessories today are ingenious, practical and give us ways to make the bathroom more “intelligent”, you can read about the many bathroom ideas I have posted before.

Here is a new idea to make your bathroom a haven of luxury: towel bars or towel racks that come in many designs and materials are being replaced by bath towel warmers. These new electric towel warmers can be wall mounted or free standing depending on the effect you want to achieve and the space you have. Having a heated towel warmer serves several purposes beside making you feel wonderful when you come out of the shower or bath. First towels will dry much more quickly, and will be warm when you need them. In addition a hot towel warmer also contribute to warming the air in the bathroom as would a small space heater. Some even have timers that can be set ahead of time so the bathroom will be at your favorite temperature when you get up.

You can also buy a glass towel warmer, beautiful and still very expensive. The wall mounted towel warmers are much more expensive than free standing ones. Prices range from around $600 to a couple of thousands for glass. Chrome warmrails will vary in price from around $70 to more than $400 with the majority of models being between $100 and $200.

On the technical side of things most towel warmers electric supply requires an outlet near by, but you can also have one that is hardwired, providing a more esthetic and finished look. Unless you need an electrician for a hardwired warmrail, you can install a standard one, yourself, in a few minutes.

Best Selling Towels Warmers
Heatra Clasic Towel Warmer and Drying Rack Warmrails Hyde Park Towel Warmer and Drying Rack Roma Dual Position Towel Warmer
Heatra Clasic Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

A classic mid size unit. It can be used either freestanding or wall mounted. It will Keep your towels dry, warm, and fresh all year long! This will help turn an ordinary bathroom into the ultimate luxury/spa experience.

Warmrails Hyde Park Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

This is a large freestanding unit. Great for the entire family. Minimal assembly is required. It will keeps towels dry, warm, and fresh.

Roma Dual Position Towel Warmer

Brushed Nickel Finish. Heated panels easily move from horizontal to vertical positions! Horizontal Position are Ideal for warming & storage. Panels lock into positions.

What power should you choose?

If you plan on using it as a space heater as well as a towel warmer, you should normally select a model that is about 100 watts per square yard or square meter of bathroom space, then add 30% to compensate for the heat absorbed by the towels. Bathrooms are often small and one appliance will be sufficient. However it is probably safe to say that your choice will not be based on the external heat produced but on the design and the dimensions as you have to have the ideal space for it.

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