Unique Floating Shelves

Floating wall shelves are popular, most are easy to install, inexpensive to buy and……. Boring! Not so! For those who think that floating shelves have to be boring here are a few unique floating shelves that will put some spunk into your home decor and some that will amaze your friends.

Obviously if you want something that is out of the ordinary when it comes to bookshelves you need to turn your attention to designers’ bookshelves, and these come with a price that is often higher than what is available in most stores. However they can also serve as inspiration for what you can accomplish yourself.

The first one is the lamp design shelf in black. It will light your decor with a fantasy silhouette of a lamp that merges with the floating shelf. The black gives a touch of elegance and class. It is made of metal and is installed by using three little screws. It is available at atylia.com, under 30€. Sorry US readers I have not found a US retailer but you can order from Atylia for an additional shipping fee of around 11€.

unique floating shelf

The black lamp shelf would look good in a bedroom, but for even more unique floating shelves in a bedroom I would recommend the Wall Wave. Brought to you by Atylia as the preceding shelf. This shelf made of lacquered aluminum will be surprise by its atypic design. A flowing sheet that unrolls and give the impression of buckling in the way a Disney object would to serve the master. You can something special on the shelf or put away your books in the shelf. Genial!

wall strip floating shelves

We all know how difficult it is to deal with corners in home decor. If corner floating shelves could help would not want one. There is one called the Corner Tree by designer Abhinav Dapke. This corner white bookcase has a zig zag design inspired by the growing form of a tree with an unusual growth. But it will definitely render your corner more useful.

corner floating shelf

Some of the designer’s floating shelves have now passed into the mass market and can be purchased at a fraction of what they were a few years ago. Like the two shelves listed below. They are available in my little shop

“Tangram” Wooden Wall Floating Shelf

Seven-piece puzzle wall shelves offer a unique beautiful design
Durable wooden frame that will last a lifetime
Ideal for displaying books, photos, CD's, and other decorative items you want visible

Aditional images:

Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail

Price: $61.99

Buy Now

Melannco Black, Zigzag Shelf

Includes hardware, template, level and instructions
Weight limitation: holds up to 5 pounds
Features a black finish

Aditional images:

Product Thumbnail

Price: $25.00

Buy Now

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