Using A Wall Mirror In Home Decor

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Why are mirrors so often key in a home decor?

Every house has at least one mirror, because it gives us the ability to see ourself, the illusion of added space, and to lighten up a room by reflecting light.

You can use a wall mirror for the purpose of home decorating with or without a frame. You will find mirrors in every shape that might strike your fancy from the traditional rectangular or oval, from round to laser cut mirrors with fancy shapes. Hang them on a wall or place them on the floor, mirrors can help you fulfill many wish you might have in matter of home decor.

Have you ever wondered what a mirror really is? How have they changed with new technologies?

Technically speaking a mirror is any surface that has been sufficiently polished to reflect an image. It is often a thin metallic layer that is protected by a glass. Glass mirrors are the most commonly used today in homes, but in the past polished metal was the norm.
How can you use a wall mirror in your home decor?

Make a room look larger using the optical illusion properties of the mirror

If you have a small room and feel a little closed in, you can alter the feeling of the room by adding another dimension to it, the mirror always add the optical illusion of added space. You can even increase that effect by placing mirrors facing each other. Light and images of objects bounce from one mirror to the other and give the illusion of an open door. The larger the wall mirror the more impressive is the semblance of space. To save money you can place many small mirrors all other a wall rather than one large mirror. Click here to see some great mirrors at great prices.

Brighten up a room by reflecting light from a wall mirror

Choose the placement of mirrors according to the orientation of the room. Place on a wall perpendicular to a window, in a way that will allow it to reflect sunlight onto the opposite wall, this will give the impression that the wall is lit and increase light all around. You can direct any light entering the house toward a dark area and liven it up, often times keeping you from having to use electric lights during the day. If you are a Feng Shui follower please refer to Feng Shui principles before deciding on the position of mirrors as placing mirrors in front of windows may be contradictory to that discipline, and absolutely no mirrors facing the entry door in Feng Shui.

Great designs for a contemporary decor

Mirror designers and manufacturers are always coming up with new design that will delight and even surprise you sometimes. There are numerous choices of frameless and framed mirrors. If your budget permits it, you can buy designer brand mirrors that are very elegant and very expensive. You can, however, produce excellent results with mirrors without spending a fortune. The gallery is only intended to show you many possibilities. Click here for additional information the mirrors in the gallery.

Things to know before buying or hanging a wall mirror

A wall mirror attracts attention in a room, so it is important to match it carefully to the style of the surrounding furniture.

Mirrors are a great accessory to use with plants. A plant near a mirror will double the green and natural feeling in a room.

Antique mirrors in wood frames should have an artificial light nearby like a lamp or some candles to accentuate the design. This type of mirror can often be the central decorative element in a room, around which you can organize your decor. Technology having changed the way we do thing the look of old frames that could only be made by laborious carving can now be molded by machines and using materials that look like wood, but at a fraction of the cost. They can then be finished in the same way wood used to be, with silver or gold leaf.

Another technology improvement that has changed mirrors is that glass is no longer the most common way to make them, they are therefore lighter and cheaper. They can be etched with wonderful designs or cut by laser to give you great design options. Vinyl mirror stickers or sheets that you can cut to your own specifications are also available, very inexpensive and can provide an interesting reflective surface for decorating purposes but do not expect to see yourself well into this kind of mirror.

Here are a couple of ideas to help you choose a mirror

Take a digital photo of the wall where you want to place it, and transfer the image to your computer. Then with an image editing software you can add images of mirrors taken from home decor sites or sites that sell mirrors. You will be able to see the effect of your mirror right away, this can also help you figure out how big a mirror you need and the color that would fit best.

Another method, not as technical, would be to cut out a cardboard piece in the shape of the mirror you want and to position it where you want your mirror. Is it large enough? Would a couple of smaller rectangular mirror strips look better? Be careful, using this method, not to forget the width of the frame in your previews, as some frames may be quite wide.


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    Great article on mirrors. It’s amazing how adding a mirror can do so much for a room. The idea of using mirrors to reflect objects is a simple idea, but can do so much to the visual appearance by enlarging and multiplying its contents. Mirrors work great in the garden or the patio too.

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