A Bathroom Vanity Mirror Can Transform Your Bathroom Decor

Choosing your bathroom vanity with a new vanity mirror, and improving your bathroom lighting are important steps in the remodeling of any bathroom. This article will look at a few options that are available to you and offer some tips to help you in this endeavor.

There are many affordable and simple ways to improve the look of your bathroom. Changing the vanity and the vanity mirror is a sure way to change not only the look but the whole ambiance of the room. What is more is that it will also add value to your home as people who look at homes, with the intention of buying, often look for newer amenities in baths and kitchens.

Since the bath is often closely related to the bedroom, you might consider the style of your bedroom when choosing a bathroom style. Is your style contemporary or traditional, or more eclectic (a mixture of styles). You should then choose your vanity which is the major piece in your bathroom decor and the focal point in any bathroom, in relation to your preferred style.

You can find a ready made vanity that satisfies your needs in any home decor super store like Home Depot or you can look at the multitude of online merchants to find just the right one for you. However if you don’t find anything to your liking you can have a custom vanity built by a cabinet maker. If you are replacing an existing vanity you will save by keeping the plumbing as it is and making your new vanity cabinet conform to the existing lines. When you replace the vanity there is a good chance that you will also replace the sink. It might be a good time to consider the trendy vessel sinks that are available today. Vessel sinks can be found in any style you want so even when redoing a classic looking bathroom you can get one to match the decor your are trying to achieve.

Besides the vanity, the second most determining factor in a bathroom decor is the vanity mirror that you will use. It should not extend past the size of the vanity. If you have a double sink vanity you can use two smaller vanity mirrors, or one very large frameless mirror. For a classic look you should opt for two mirrors, preferably oval and framed in an original frame that matches the style of the sinks. A frameless mirror can make a striking statement of style. Because your vanity mirror is frameless does not mean that it is without decor. If you prefer a minimalist look then avoid decorations. Otherwise you can find frameless vanity mirrors with etched design that can add a touch of elegance, or a motif to match your personality. Another good result with vanity mirrors is to surround a plain mirror with a beautiful mosaic in colors that will make the whole bathroom unified.

Lighting your bathroom vanity mirror is the last detail to finish your transformation. You can accomplish this by adding sconces to the wall or even by purchasing vanity mirrors with integrated lighting. You can read our post on bathroom lights for more information.