White Wicker Bedroom Furniture – How To Build A Theme Around It

Pine Solutions, the largest online furniture retailer in the uk reports that of white bedroom furniture sales have increased by more than 100% over the past 12 weeks – suggesting a strong comeback for a look that is clean and light. Now we know that white wicker furniture sales account for 30% of all wicker furniture sold. These trends are clear white wicker bedroom furniture is very popular.

Wicker can be synthetic or made from natural fibers like rattan, bamboo, and other suitable materials, it can be used alone or as accents to other woods.

There are several decor themes commonly used by people who like this type of furniture.`

Many people choose white wicker bedroom furniture for little girls. They feel that white is something that could last longer in the child’s bedroom. Many have a princess theme for the very young, and consider that they could later change accessories, bedding and a few item to change the theme to please a more mature child without having to replace the furniture. The princess theme can be done in many ways, but often using the pre-made decorations and bedding from the Disney movies is the easiest and fastest way to go about it.

Some people with older children or boys use a jungle theme. Even young boys enjoy this theme, and ask many questions about the animals and plants they may see on their wall, adding a learning element to the theme. This theme is easy to accomplish with wall stickers, and the proper choice of wall paint color. You can even buy a large wall mural, and of course the bedding should be in relation to the theme, but do not over do it as it could quickly become too busy and not so restful.

Adults who prefer a romantic vacation atmosphere like a tropical themed room. Needless to tell you that white wicker bedroom furniture is most at home in a tropical setting with light colored walls, in blue or seagreen. Young adults might use their surf board as an authentic accessory, palm trees and sail boat wall decals can complement the walls. Accessorize with sea shells even an aquarium or a small water fall.

Tropical regions are not the only romantic spots on earth and many romantic find a haven in a country cottage. A flower wall paper or flower stencils, or flower curtain fabric can help you get this look. A few added touches of shabby chic might also bring out the cottage spirit and create a very romantic white bedroom setting.

It is easy to use white wicker furniture for most any theme you want as it is not taking over the overall motif you select. From these few ideas you can expend your brainstorming and come up with other themes that fit your personality and tastes. Please share your ideas if you have white wicker bedroom furniture let readers know what you have done.


  1. Marysa Siberhoff says

    I was just looking for ideas for a little girl room. You gave me a great idea. I will go with white bedroom furniture. She is 4 and ready to move to a “big girl” setting so that her toddler bed can go to her little brother. I think like you said that white will last longer. I like the idea of chnaging the stickers when she outgrows the theme. For now we will go with the Disney princesses as she loves them. Thank you. I will send you pictures when we get it done.

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